By tenniemo
Today, like for the last year, I’ve been on Tinder. I was having a great conversation with a man and we were planning a date for next week when he asked for my number. When I politely responded that I’d rather wait to exchange numbers after meeting in person, he blocked me. FML
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By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

How long were you talking to him for? I mean... if you've already agreed on a date... what's the harm in sharing your number?

By  weazle  |  13

98% of the time of someone won’t give you their number they are a catfish. 1% of the time are worried about something random and the other 1% just don’t want to give it to you, no reason just don’t want to. You probably missed out on your soul mate op

  timinator5000  |  28

I don't give out my number when on those sites till I meet them. Why do you need a number if we are already chatting through the app. I do give out Snapchat so you can take a current photo to verify its you. Granted I hate calling and talking on the phone. Just like texting.