By tenniemo - 12/01/2019 04:00

Today, like for the last year, I’ve been on Tinder. I was having a great conversation with a man and we were planning a date for next week when he asked for my number. When I politely responded that I’d rather wait to exchange numbers after meeting in person, he blocked me. FML
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KingAdrock 16

That's not an FML. That's a "You Dodged A Bullet".


Probably thought you were playing him


Really now, how can you expect him to go out with you if you won't even let him send you dick pics?

Did you mean he unmatched you?

Unless I don’t know where it is, there’s no block button on tinder. Just unmatch and report

look at it as a good thing, cuz apparently he's an insecure loser and now he won't be wasting any more of your time. on to the next one!

KingAdrock 16

That's not an FML. That's a "You Dodged A Bullet".

You took the words right out of my mouth. I was about to make that exact comment.

manb91uk 22

His loss honey


Probably thought you were playing him

Gofuckyourself 24

How long were you talking to him for? I mean... if you've already agreed on a date... what's the harm in sharing your number?

mccuish 25

I had something similar with a girl I was chatting with ask for me for my skype right after a few messages

Next week? Tinder is for dates in the next 15 minutes.

98% of the time of someone won’t give you their number they are a catfish. 1% of the time are worried about something random and the other 1% just don’t want to give it to you, no reason just don’t want to. You probably missed out on your soul mate op

I don't give out my number when on those sites till I meet them. Why do you need a number if we are already chatting through the app. I do give out Snapchat so you can take a current photo to verify its you. Granted I hate calling and talking on the phone. Just like texting.