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By  Amanda G Rich  |  23

so? thats how dating works

By  Amanda G Rich  |  23

so? thats how dating works

  mekiswrite  |  20

I think the issue is more that he pointed out the fact that he was going on a date. Personally, if I were just casually dating around I would be fine with the other person doing the same, but I wouldn't appreciate being told so. He could have just said that he had other plans and would be busy.

  Phr0zen  |  11

The OP just mentioned that they were meeting. It never said specifically that it was a date. I've had situations where I thought it was a date, but it wasn't and it was just a friendly meeting.

The guy is free to date whomever he wants because it's not as if they have established a relationship yet. I don't have enough information, but perhaps the guy just wanted more options if it was supposed to be a date (in this case, fyl). The guy might not even like her despite the flirtations. Of course, it sucks to be thought of as a secondary option (if it was supposed to be a date).

As for me, I would rather appreciate it being told that they are going on a date rather than hide it as having other plans or being busy with something else.

By  alycion  |  38

Unless if for some insane reason you both agreed not to date until you met, not sure what the deal is. Unless if he was doing it to manipulate.

By  YallDeservedItJk  |  22

It was mean of him to tell you he’s dating someone else. I hope you find someone more sensitive.