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Today, my husband and I took a walk on the wharf. We walked by a Wax Museum and in front of the museum there was a bench with a very realistic wax man sitting on it. I got very close to his face and yelled over to my husband how realistic the wax man looked. Just then, he coughed. FML
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caticaticati 3

Because she's a dumb ass and embarrassed herself, you dumb ass.

Just_Me_143 0

hey, I did that when I was younger at a way museum. except I went behind the so called 'statue' and dropped coins in her open hand... then she turned around and I ran like hell


Xppppppppppppp 1

1st.. and haha that's funny

how is it funny. I couldve been first but my itouch was actin up. it was dropped a few weeks ago n occasionally malfunctions

probably something I woulda done

GeoThermalSleuth 0

OH MY GOD! Possesed wax!

@tripout- relax son it's on fml

Jrook 0

tripouts a loser. nobody cares who's first, an believe me, making an excuse to why you were not first makes you look like a tool

Jrook did I say I WANTED to be first??? no I said I couldve been first, thus takin away another fml to fall victim to the stupid FIRST!!! tradition. But see u don't pay any attention to as to how things are written. Next time you decide to call someone a loser. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHATS FULLY GOING ON HEH???

dammit. pls snickerdoodles NO PUNISHMENT lol dam she's gonna chew up.....AGAIN.....  oh well. I could just fix it but I'm too lazy >;P snickerdoodles I know I said I would use better grammer/vocabulary and puntuations since the last time u got on me about that....but it's a force of habit XD

Wow... that happened to me once... but I was the wax figure

htownlove 0

hmmm I thought it was spelled GRAMMAR

also it's not "puntuation"

Oh and it's very possible that this is in San Francisco. I've been there, been to the wax museum, but never has there been any wax figures outside.

Tripout is snickerdoodles bitch :)

ouchthatsux 0

lol TripOut IS a loser with anger issues.

cowgod 0

i kbow how you feel tripout. my Internet was acting weird otherwise I woulda been first

RevengeOnYou 0

YDI, stupid.

@#83 it's never old to talk about someone XD and @ #96 WE ARE ALL HER BITCH XD [email protected] # 97 NO I'm just crazy XD... Also random 0_0

I see where ur cmon from. it's a nice feeling to be first so pol read ur comments :D

lol nice!

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caticaticati 3

Because she's a dumb ass and embarrassed herself, you dumb ass.

Dumb move of the day!

is this in victoria? as in BC Canada? there's a wax museum right next to a wharf there and I can't imagine its too too common

prettybrwneyes16 0

2nd whoo

FMLFML123123 0

the bench could have easily been a covered by a roof and if the mueseum is up far north wax will not melt outside. pretty much it only would melt near the equator.

this winter it dosnt have as much sun as normal and I probably wouldn't think about that off the top of my mind

FMLFML123123 0

northern California is not like southern California. plus who thinks about that "oh this looks like a wax figure. oh but mrs. _____ in 7th grade science said wax melts in the sun so it's not." yeah no one thinks that so sorry!

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Stupid Snickerdoodles, their is no such thing as Melting. Gosh, where do you crazy kids come up with this stuff.

KayBizz 0

^ love it

@#34 GeoThermal - Icarus begs to differ :(

Jrook 0

WTF who cares if she's been to an outdoor museum. that's completely irrelevant. you're not funny so stfu

soleilkitty 0

#57 Classic! :)

for a grammar nazi, your grammar kinda sucks. you have no idea where your commas are supposed to go. hypocrite. it's about time you shut your trap and stop bitching.

they were probably in san francisco. its usually pretty cold there. so i doubt it would melt.


You're lucky he didn't kiss you!!

stealthpanda 1

poor guy. hahahahah

saranottelling 7

OMG, how the hell did that wax man come to life? It's kinda like the movie Mannequin.

Odbalt 0

snickerdoodles is just and asshole

PsychoMerk 0

well don't YOU just feel stupid xD he shouldve sneezed