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  sunlovinmama  |  1

There's this thing called peripheral vision and our eyes take in a lot of info in a split second. She can choose not to keep looking but probably it was too late by the time her brain realized what she had seen. A horrible image forever burned in her mind

  tylenol123  |  0

There is no way your a nuclear propulsion engineer. Id believe that you might be a purple jacket (refueling for those who dont know) but thats the highest level. Put a shurt on, how are you gonna tell people off with an ego like that??? Piss off

  varkey  |  7

That's disgusting. He was walking around in front of all of you guys like that?? And your parents do it too?? No matter what gender you are, that would SUCK. FYL

@144: I'd rather see a pedophile than a family member nude... it's just strange. What kind of f***ed up people expose themselves to blood relations?