By Anonymous - 27/08/2011 16:09 - United States

Today, I noticed how big my brother's package is. If it hadn't been for the fact that my family has taken up walking around naked half the day, I never would have had to. FML
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Next time he walks by you naked, glance at it and laugh


What the hell kind of household do you live in?!

She's scarred for life no matter what she does now...

This probably happens in west virginia alot but where u went wrong is telling a million ppl

At least he's well-endowed. ..or was it a boner? o.0

Well actually you didn't have to notice, you control the direction of your eyes.

There's this thing called peripheral vision and our eyes take in a lot of info in a split second. She can choose not to keep looking but probably it was too late by the time her brain realized what she had seen. A horrible image forever burned in her mind

It would be nice to know if OP was a guy or girl.

It's only weird if you get a boner.

If you realized that your family was walking around naked, then don't look at your family members? You can hear them approaching.

@18- The kind of home were people are free to walk naked. Did you not read the FML?

People normally don't do things like this in west virginia

Do you have a hot mom or sister...if so I might wanna visit

yup got that right!! people are actually very well mannered in WV.

76-if you live in west Virginia, then I'm glad.

keyman1212, just quit trying to be funny. You're not. Judging by your bio you a giant douchebag.

Fucking hell guys it's her brother not a pedophile. It's not that bad at all. Grow up guys. You all aren't 6 anymore.

OP, did he have a glowing arrow pointing down painted on his torso?

There is no way your a nuclear propulsion engineer. Id believe that you might be a purple jacket (refueling for those who dont know) but thats the highest level. Put a shurt on, how are you gonna tell people off with an ego like that??? Piss off

People are simply people, the specific location of where they live doesn't mean a thing.

1000 mb of info, to be exact. :)

That's disgusting. He was walking around in front of all of you guys like that?? And your parents do it too?? No matter what gender you are, that would SUCK. FYL @144: I'd rather see a pedophile than a family member nude... it's just strange. What kind of f***ed up people expose themselves to blood relations?

wtf is wrongwith ur life

That's one messed up life.

If i saw my brothers package my eyes would have been scarred for life .

My cousins friend lives with his dad and they walk around naked sometimes when my cousin at their house

His parents! Haha

Next time he walks by you naked, glance at it and laugh

Then scream "CHODE!"

Ask him if he's cold.

Ask him if he's cold.

epic win.^^ from a tiny fellow.

Walk around naked tomorrow. I'm sure he'll kick the habit once he has to see your rack and vj for a bit. ;)

maybe she is his step sister making it more comfortable to look

43-Are you trying to start a porno?

Only if you want to 45.

Do you realise how awkward it would be if he got hard?

Set the fire alarm off. Then the lock the doors.

Omg you look like that girl in grudge...spooky;s

Well does he now know your tit size? Only fair.

You don't need to see a girl naked to see how big her tits are.

It never said naked. It said half naked. So probably in underwear. No big deal.

Nope, it definitely said naked.

Oops, I miss read it. Naked? That is weird. Sucks to live at your house. I'd start sleeping over at friends more.

There was probably a 360 in there.

Hahaha. Wooow, I hope this is a sarcastic comment...

...personal experience I'm guessing?

That's messed up.. Definitely consider getting your own place

Why are they doing that? You should only do that if you live alone

Or with your significant other :)

Lmao walk around nude for a day .

If that happened her brother would probably call all his friends over, lol.