By Anonymous - 06/01/2014 18:59 - South Africa

Today, I realised after showering that I didn't have a towel, so I thought I would risk a naked dash to my brother's room to steal one of his. He and his friend were in the room and both agreed that I needed a "trim". FML
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BubbleGrunge 18

You only need a trim if YOU want a trim OP.

maybe you should've called someone to pass you a towel?


Obviously old enough to comment that OP needs a trim.

catella_fml 12

Well they are boys..age doesn't matter here...they'll think dirty at whatever age

#35: I have a feeling that one is the result of autocorrect. They usually assume the more complex option. On topic: that's a good question I would like to know the answer to. Why the heck would someone risk a baked dash anyway? Just yell for him to bring you a towel. Might be a LITTLE BIT embarrassing but it's sure as hell better than what did happen :)

Yeah sure, she went in to her three year old brother and he and his friend pointed out that she needed a trim.

catella_fml 12

I see I have been told off by 13 teen year old...please tell me how you know everything about life

Metal_Chick 15

#134- 1. She didn't "tell you off", she just pointed out the fact that your statement didn't make much sense by claiming that all boys (no matter the age) are dirty. 2. Her being 13 has nothing to do with life knowledge; I'm actually a child psychologist and I've seen so many cases where a five year old has the maturity of a twenty year old because of their life experiences pushing them to act a certain way and miss out on being a child.

BubbleGrunge 18

You only need a trim if YOU want a trim OP.

you need a trim if someone putting their mouth there says you do. (My personal rule, applies to both girls and guys)

I agree with 15, you also need a trim if your partner wants it. It's kind of inconsiderate to just make them put up with this nasty bush of pubes and refuse to shave it. It's gross.

Why? if you're willing to put your mouth somewhere that has urine and sperm/vaginal fluid coming out of it, what difference does a few hairs make?

BubbleGrunge 18

Listen, men and women were putting their mouths on hairy vaginas way before most of us were born and way before the clean shaving became a trend. It's a personal choice, and yes, some people choose to include their significant other in that choice but I definitely wouldn't make choices based on some random dudes from FML. And especially not from my brother and his friend, who ARENT putting their mouth down there.

21- a few hairs? Have you never seen what it looks like if you don't shave? It literally is a bush. And the reason why is because you can clean off any urine or sperm/vaginal fluid, but if you've got a full bush going on stuff can get stuck in there making it unsanitary. I don't get why you'd be ok with making your partner have to put hair in their mouth, especially if they're not ok with it.

I wouldn't make anyone do anything, that would be sexual assault.

BubbleGrunge 18

26-if your dating someone whose got a private area full of sperm or urine, whether or not they have a bush, you're still gonna have a bad time. I'm amazed at the people who are so against women having a choice over their bush or not. What would you have done before shaving down their became a trend? Also, just so you know, I would hope the person you're doing has enough common sense to keep their shit clean down their, regardless of shaving preferences.

AliceLockehart 18

#26 I'm pretty sure pubic hair is actually meant to keep the ****** clean so nothing nasty, like dirt, enters it. It's not going to be unsanitary if you keep it. And there's other theories to what pubic hair does but you can search it yourself.

I shaved mine because my now ex asked me to. Then I grew a landing strip because my current boyfriend asked me to. But my current boyfriend also grew a beard because I asked him to. I figure it's just hair. It grows back, so what's the big deal? But I agree, bubblegrunge. Her brother and his friend are being stupid and she shouldn't feel like she should shave if she doesn't want to. It's none of their business whether or not she has pubic hair or what it looks like. And no one's obligated to change their hair, no matter where it is, for a significant other. It's a nice gesture, but it certainly shouldn't be expected.

RedPillSucks 31

@26 "stuff" doesn't get stuck in the "bush" if the person is normally sanitary (takes a shower or bath). Unless I missed the conversation and we're talking about a literal bush instead of vaginal hair, there are other problems if you find "stuff" stuck there. We're not talking about a truck grill.

Schizomaniac 24

You morons argue about the stupidest things. I swear, it doesn't matter what the topic of the FML is. You guys will find a way to argue on the Internet about it. Bravo. Brafuckingvo.

jazzy_123 20

It's healthier to just trim it. The hair is there to keep bacteria out, especially for women. When a woman shaves it, she can get infections easier and also it leaves way for ingrown hair, and those things hurt!... Personally I just think trimming looks better on myself and my partner. I wouldn't be able to see my partners junk nicely shaved and I wouldn't stand it if he had less hair than me. I think some hair down there is sexy on guys.

Why are we all arguing about shaving your junk? It's personal preference so y'all quit arguing

It's just better to always trim. It's better hygiene.

jazzy_123 20

58, you obviously didn't read what I put. We have hair to help prevent dirty bacteria going in that area. If there's none, it can cause infection. The same way we have hair in our nose to stop dirt from going in there. Since when is bad bacteria/infection good hygiene? Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is clean.

I most certainly disagree. that's like saying you only have to put deodorant on when YOU feel like it, some hygiene is more for others than for yourself.


#87 I love how you were so off-topic. But seriously, #15.

Raturlik 3

#34, the reason people actually have so much pubic hair is because of friction in the area it has nothing to do with sanitary needs the body provides. that is how most body hair is. even you hair when the wind blows through it creayes friction against your scalp. please take the time to think about what your talking about.

Rainhawk94 27

All about personal preference. THE END

It's not like someone forces their partner to go down on them. If yours do, report him/her. I've told my partner that I don't care if my said partner shaves his/her pubic hair, but my head will not be in that area if there is a great amout of hair there. It's a choice to go down on someone, and to shave or not.

maybe you should've called someone to pass you a towel?

CommentModerated 17

Seriously, or put back on the dirty clothes that I can only assume would still be in the bathroom (unless OP makes a habit of running around the house naked) rather than risk flashing family members.

Cadillac4427 8

You are the first person to mention the obvious, I thought that should of of been OP's first thought too ...or just grab someone else's.

If I had just taken a shower, I would feel the need to shower again anyways if I were to put my old clothes on afterwards.

You played the game and failed! Asa side note, why not dash to the towel closet?

If OP had a towel closet it wouldn't be an issue.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, they have some place where the towels are kept. Either in the towel closet or a shelf space in either bathroom. Not sure why #5 was being thumbed down.

from the post it sounds like they each keep their own towels in their rooms. or else op wouldn't have gone into her brothers room to get a towel.

What about hand towels and towels for guests and pool towels and beach towels? That can't possibly all be kept in respective bedrooms...

Yes they can. Every towel I own is In my room, normal people don't dedicate an entire room to towels

Has no one ever heard of a linen closet??? Same idea with towels. Jesus do you guys live in match boxes or something? I don't know of anyone who doesn't have one. Strange crowd on Fml.

@138 That's exactly what I have in my house... I can't see having the towels in any other place, especially certain towels for certain people.

renaee 13

:( Awh op. Never risk a naked dash to your brother's anything. Nowhere near your brother.

Well that plan fail miserably.... I always check if I have a towel because I always feared of something like that happening to me lol

Cor1nn4 10

Maybe you should've knocked first?

And risk standing in the open naked? I don't see that going any better.

*Knock Knock* *Brother opens door only to see naked sibling* "you need a trim" *slams door in face*

How did you not know they were in his room?

xzentra 1

Idk maybe she was doing busy doing something like takin a shower

unlucky! weve all bin there with the dash! ... never flashed my brother though

The spelling/grammar in this comment makes me want to cry.

arandomusernameaa 20

Of all places to run... why go to your brothers room... I mean if he has a friend round it's a high chance he would have been in his room... should have ran to your own OP... but anyway, nothing wrong with being a bit... Hairy.

Her brother's room is probably where all of the towels are kept.