By la taupe temporaire - 04/03/2008 17:26

Today, just before going into an test, I broke my glasses on the way to the exam room. I'm short sighted, and I spent an hour with my nose glued to the paper trying to figure out what was written on it. It was a opthalmology exam. FML
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I hope your sight has improved in the past 8 years..

Can you take it over if you explain what happened? Good luck!


Can you take it over if you explain what happened? Good luck!

I hope your sight has improved in the past 8 years..

the fact that you listed short sighted and not near or far means you already failed that test

English is spoken differently in different parts of the world. It's short/long sighted in British English. Near/far sighted is American English.

still wrong. short sighted means you can see things up close.

Maybe that is not what it means in his case?

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short sighted is exactly the same thing as near sighted, and short/near and long/far sighted are just layman's terms for myopic and hyperopic anyway, so it doesn't really matter which one you say

no it doesn't, if you are short sighted enough it will be difficult to read the paper at the distance your head would naturally be from the table. I know, I'm that short sighted! without my glasses my nose needs to be about 1.5 inches away from a normal book. if I broke my glasses before an exam I would be exactly the same. so stfu.

Considering the name of user, this FML was probably translated from the French FML site so...

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The study of eye disorders.

An optician fits and/or makes glasses. An optometrist does basic eye exams and gives glasses prescriptions, but is not an MD. An ophthalmologist (the OP left out the first "h") is an MD who specializes in eyes. An ophthalmology exam would presumably be a test for aspiring or already-licensed doctors on some aspects of eye health, diseases, and care.

always get an extra pair just in case...always

As OP's broke on the way into the exam room, even if they had an extra pair there was probably no time to retrieve them. (I've been wearing glasses since I was eight months old, and I've never had a spare pair of my current prescription; I've always just used my previous pair as a backup. Glasses can be pretty expensive, especially with any sort of wonky prescription.)

I forgot my glasses once. Only found put when I was on the way to my internship. That's why I now always have a contact lens with me.

The irony of this is ******* priceless.

for one, it's near sighted. not short sited. and if you're near sites, it means you can see near but not far.

No. Just... no. Short sighted is correct. You Americans just ruin things.

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Always carry a spare pair of glasses. Especially if you that myopic. I am too, so I feel for you OP, but always carry a spare.