By ugh, why - 22/11/2015 05:12 - Australia

Today, I walked in on my brother jerking off to a breast cancer awareness advert. FML
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That is actually the most disgusting thing I've heard today.

Your brother needs some help...


Your brother needs some help...

CoffeeChickBlows 13

You must've misread the location, OP's from Australia not Alabama.

Rawrshi 25

#12 - Doesn't that just mean the help would be down under? Because I feel like OP's brother has that part handled quite well actually.

Badkarma4u 17

It mean they livein a country that has a lost more liberal attitude toward sex in the media and their tv ads are way more sexualized than ours. Go to youtube and seach breast cancer adds and watch the ones from europe and australia..

Leinster 2


That is actually the most disgusting thing I've heard today.

don't google blue waffles........

thanks #31 I need to wash my brain with that disturbing image

Only today?

DejaRenee 16

#51 he told you not to do it you rebel

Um, coming from that nickname...

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Seems like he has an unhealthy obsession with the tiddy bress.

Wow! How callous.

whatarethisss 23

He loves boobies! I'll see myself out now.

danimal_crackerz 26

Please do

You better not lose yours then

That's morally disgusting...

This is not the breast idea to masturbate.