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Today, I broke my right leg. I've had one shot of morphine, and even that only relieved the pain a little. It's now totally worn off and I have yet to get pain medication of any kind. My leg has been broken for over nine hours now. FML
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And instead of finding help you post on FML

Good call 104. I'm pretty smart, but I had completely overlooked the fact that OP might have broken her leg by breaking the bone. Thanks for your diagnosis, doctor.


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Little monkey was jumping in bed

A broken dick sucks.

wow, "ouch" WTF was that. most retarded post ever?? OP: why don't you call the doc or a family member. also I have heard that if you let your mind stray or try your best not to think of the pain you won't feel it. you could also try just go to sleep. hope this helps

18- false, you can't suck a broken dick. Not only will that hurt, it wouldn't be able to get hard

I've broken my left arm 3 times in less then 2 years. And sprained my right knee 6 times in 3 months..... I make a lot of stupid decisions

Good thing my dads a doctor

TheCylonmaster, I couldn't help but notice you just triple posted, and then complain about anti-flood protection or whatever it's called in your description... Thank fuck it exists otherwise we might actually live in a world in which you quadruple post.

Don't be a pussy, I've broken my left femur 3 times and I can't recollect and pain other than the staples, and it was only a mild pinch.

Stop whining you junkie.

could be worse, you could be like me. I'm allergic to morphine and can't receive a lot of painkillers due to their similarity to morphine.

get some weed and get'll feel so much better

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I am sorry op. I know how you feel I broke both of my arms at the same time, two bones in each arm. My right arm was CLEARLY broken, the bones were bent!! The had to straighten it out before putting a cast on. Anyway, I went to the ER and I was waiting for over four hours just to be seen!! A nurse helped me so much she said to relax all the muscles in that part of your body and to elevate it. Every time I started to feel pain I would relax all the muscles again and it barely even hurt!! Good luck!!!!!

@ #18... As in ED?#

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Dicks dont have bones....

I have broken my wrist, cracked my skull, broken my nose two bones on my left foot and recently i'm recovering from a surgery that had to be made, because i broke some important bones on both my feet, because i attempted to push my parcour falling skills a little higher. Those are only my bone injuries, and what helped me all the time, was to focus my attention on something else like playing videogames, reading, talking, watching incredible dumb movies or something like that. Actually when i broke mynwrist i didn't believe it was broken, so it didn't hurt that much. I carried my life normally for two days until my parents took a closer look at my wrist and saw something weird, that's how we found out it was broken. The power of the mind is something powerfull use it

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Ahaha fail

Geez, everyone is just bitching about their injuries.

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that's when u know it's time to break out that big ol' bottle of jack daniel.

Maybe you should stop being a pussy.

Shut up 97, no one cares

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ahaha 97 I skipped your post.

I've had a broken wrist for a whole day and night ....

94- Ofcourse dicks have bones! Why else would the cal it a "Boner."

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183- not if you replied man

97- Cool story, bro.

damn 18 beat me to it. I was gonna say. right left or middle leg

yay. give dis kid a courage cookie

Yeah i never expected my comment to be that long

Have someone pick up some Meds for you...?

i was just wondering if op has any friends.

Oh man i remember when i broke my arm and all i had was advil!! It was hell

Wee then it sounds like you need to pick a fucking football and put your team on your back like greg jennings doe

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I remember when I broke my ankle four years ago the only hospital was 45 minutes away. I know how you feel op I'm sorry :(

101- look at this nigga holding this shit! great video.... but on a related note motren fixes EVERYTHING!

Put ice on it in the meantime, it'll numb the pain

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Walk it off

U can't pick up meds strong enough to ease the pain unless they have over the counter with prescription vicodin

Well that sucks!!!!

You shouldn't be feeling the pain unless you're messing with it dude. It should swell and go slightly numb, and at that point just REST it. It's all in your head...

Call 911 if you broke your leg.

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Depends on which bone he broke. If it was the femur than... FYL BIG TIME

It's not that bad, just walk it off.

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Youch. How did you break your leg?

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Wow you are stupid as fck

Probably by breaking the bone somehow

Good call 104. I'm pretty smart, but I had completely overlooked the fact that OP might have broken her leg by breaking the bone. Thanks for your diagnosis, doctor.

You are a bunch of dumbasses. Ever think he was wondering how the break occurred?

How do you know that op is a girl

I think you're getting thumbed down becuase you used the word "youch"

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Use the call button and call a nurse.

No, because I think he broke his leg to feed his morphine addiction. Smart doctors, don't play OP's games!!!

Oh god, put as much ice as you can and call someone to go get you some medical stuff. Seriously FYL.

Ice on a broken bone?!

Yes ice!! It makes swelling go down

Or Mary Jane

Bloody Mary's... Lots of 'em.

Oh damn. That sucks I would hate to be in your shoes.

Break a leg!..........literally

never again.

Nuh uh- not cool! *slams paw down on table*

And instead of finding help you post on FML

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The doctors aren't going to do shit about the pain, to be honest.

They can't give too much morphine or it'll cause you to stop breathing, so they have to be careful

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The only time they like to administer morphine is when someone is in great pain- by that I mean people dying with cancer, etc. Most of the time they like to prescribe you benedryl for no fucking reason. Seriously.

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If it's been nine hours, the doctors are supposed to give more morphine. They put enough morphine to keep your stable and in peace for 1-2 hours. And if OP's at the hospital, the doctors have to do shit for him. It's their fucking job. BTW, most reputable hospitals will have manual morphine buttons that inject you with morphine at intervals when you feel pain. Find a better hospital.

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Doctors are always fucking sketchy when it comes to morphine. You have to be on spot with it. They usually don't administer it for broken legs and shit- they'll use a medicine that's not as strong. They usually like to give you strong doses of Tylenol & benedryl first. Trust me, doctors don't care as much as you would like to think.


They have meds other than morphine but doctors wont give you shit unless you really bitch about the pain. Had to learn that the hard way.

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I hear you on that. I remember once I went to a children's hospital because I was covered from head to toe in hives & they tried to write me a prescription for benedryl. Fucking ridiculous!

Benadryl is an ANTIHISTAMINE, you imbecile. That is EXACTLY what should be given for hives, which are indicative of a histamine response, i.e., an allergic reaction.

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150. Yeah but there are nurses. It's obvious that you aren't in the medical field. If you were, you would know that benadryl is for hives. I know, it's been pointed out.

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178- you fucking moron, I KNOW. Why the fuck would a doctor need to prescribe benedryl when you can get it over the counter? Calm your tits.

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185- actually, I'm going to school for oncology. I said it ridiculous to prescribe benedryl because a prescription is not needed for it. Thanks.

Even tho it isn't needed it can allow for insurance to pay or for you to not have to look throughout the pharmacy for it and it allows you to not forget what you are getting and proof the doctor suggested you take it

Oh, I don't know. Perhaps so that insurance or an HSA would cover it rather than the patient having to pay out of pocket? My roommate currently gets a prescription for Naproxen (Aleve). It's a stronger dose, and his company's HSA will pay for it as a prescription, but not OTC. This is the same reason many people continue to get their Claritin and other drugs by prescription, even though it is not legally necessary any longer.