By CrapFeet - 11/12/2009 14:11 - Malaysia

Today, I saw my favourite shirt on the floor of my dorm's bathroom. Feeling too lazy to bend down, I used my feet to "flick" the shirt up. Apparently, some drunkard took a dump on the floor and used my shirt to cover it up. I now have shit all over my feet, hands and the wall in front of me. FML
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CrapFeet tells us more.

OP here. Well of course I cleaned it up before typing, any idiot would do that. FYI, yes I did deserve it because I would normally remove all personal belongings before leaving but for this once, I left my shirt on the hook behind the door because I was rushing for time and I just showered so I needed time to fix my hair, wear my contacts etc before leaving and I simply forgot to take it :( The stench wasn't there, no idea why. Need details? lol ok, maybe because the outer part of the turd hardened, leaving the inner part slightly soft and moist, thus 'locking' the smell in perhaps? And yes, I did clean the friggin wall..the bathroom was shared between me and two other girls. I know the girls won't clean it, so...

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Did you clean up before you typed the FML?

i seriously do not get why someone would do that...I have never been so drunk that i have lost control of my bowels, or shat on something on purpose...other than a toilet. WTF is wrong with drunk people nowadays? FYL you did not deserve this!


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Why did you leave your favorite shirt in the bathroom anyway?

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and now its also all over your keyboard hahah

That's exactly what I was thinking. I hope you cleaned up!

can never go wrong with a swrdish chick

Did you clean up before you typed the FML?

uhh but you were in the bathroom.. showers??

Diarreah? ew. It musta been fresh!

bobsanction 18

YDI for living in a dorm.

YDI for not being a nudist and owning a shirt.

That's awesome, #9. The best YDI since "YDI for living in the Milky Way galaxy"

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Actually those are both really lame.

You are lame.

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everyone who says 'lame' not in a refrence is'lame'

Where exactly was your shirt that "some drunkard" could just get to it that easily?

I thought there were toilets in Kuala Lumpur...

Well, you've got shity shirt now.

Haha now its on your keyboard too:3

Find out who did it.