By BadBreath - United States
Today, I was having a horrible day. I was laying on the couch, crying, when my dog came up on the couch to console me. I was thinking about how great it was to have a dog, because they're there for you when no one else is. As I was sobbing, I heard something. My dog farted into my mouth. Twice. FML
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By  Emmett_Luver_101  |  0

*gags @ 11* this is funny but i have one intelligent thing to say

By  shani__  |  0

#12 - wtf? E=Mc2? what has that got to do with a dog's farts?
#11 - LOL
#10 - I agree!

OP - What WAS your mouth doing on your dog's ass? That's almost as bad has hammylove's. (anyone notice their name is BadBreath, haha!)