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Today, my boyfriend and his parents met my family. My grandpa thought it would be funny to walk around with a realistic gun and make references about being in the mafia. The rest of my family went along with it. FML
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Sounds like you have an awesome family. At least he didn't pretend to be a nudist....


Bring your family to Obama's next speech and just watch.

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I know! This should be on MLIA.

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I agree, you should be so happy you have such a cool family. I mean your grandpa must be such a funny guy. And your parents went with it, thats cool.

I totally agree. That's frickin' awesome. I would be so happy to have a family like that!

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there needs to be a third option to choose for fmls. - your life is awesome i would do what the grandfather did. it sounds like it would be fun

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haha i agree with #126, i wouldve done that too, your grandpa sounds awesome

Honestly I agree. Your grandpa is freaking awesome.

thats not a fml. thats really funny. if your boyfriend didnt think it was funny then he doesnt have a sense of humor and you should brake up with him.

Even if someone doesn't have a particular sense of humor or misses a joke, that doesn't mean you should break up with them. Stop being shallow and dig deeper.

Sounds like you have an awesome family. At least he didn't pretend to be a nudist....

I was anticipating the FML to take that turn as I was reading this

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Haha same but this is better! Its so funny! Get a sense of humor, I would have loved this

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this is the definition of awesome.

Why is this an FML? That's just downright funny!! Laugh about it!!

i would love to have that... so F.U. your life is awesome

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That is freaking hilarious. Your family rocks!