By Liisaz34 - 18/4/2021 00:30

Sounds fishy

Today, my boyfriend is spending a lot of time hyping up his female best friend who is participating in a modeling competition, trying to get her to win. When I asked this guy to help support my small business, he said he, “didn’t have time” to. FML
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By  bleachedraven  |  12

ewh. bad bf!

By  sarianna  |  10

IDK, "support my small business" sounds like "I fell for an MLM and am now nagging everyone I know, at the behest of my upline, to buy this crap" rather than an actual small business.

By  jdizz16  |  16

What exactly did you ask him to do, compared to what he’s doing right now? Sounds like: “Pass out these fliers on the street. vs Share this facebook post.”

It’s wild how people in the comments are immediately going for a break up.