Sounds fishy

By Liisaz34 - 18/04/2021 00:30

Today, my boyfriend is spending a lot of time hyping up his female best friend who is participating in a modeling competition, trying to get her to win. When I asked this guy to help support my small business, he said he, “didn’t have time” to. FML
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ShyGirl87 1

sounds like he needs to be your ex boyfriend.. 😒


ShyGirl87 1

sounds like he needs to be your ex boyfriend.. 😒

DTMFA. If he'll support his friend but not you, is he really the guy you want around?

"WAS" means cheating, btw. We're all sorry for your luck.

What reasoning do we have to think he was cheating?

bleachedraven 14

Oh darlin, he is waving that red flag right in your face. I strongly suggest breaking it off, before he does more dumb sh!t

when someone tells you who they are, believe them. gtfo, he's made his priorities pretty clear

IDK, "support my small business" sounds like "I fell for an MLM and am now nagging everyone I know, at the behest of my upline, to buy this crap" rather than an actual small business.

I agree I have an inbox full of friends sending me MLM stuff

What exactly did you ask him to do, compared to what he’s doing right now? Sounds like: “Pass out these fliers on the street. vs Share this facebook post.” It’s wild how people in the comments are immediately going for a break up.