By gringa_Peru - 18/04/2009 01:19 - Peru

Today, I had the good fortune of finding a seat on the bus, not the norm in Peru. Several minutes after sitting down, I felt something on my shoulder. Thinking it was a hand, I turned my head to look. I came face to face with a dirty man's crotch, it was his erection resting on my shoulder. FML
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even dicks need a place to rest.

How could anyone possibly say that you deserved this? FYL indeed.


Sounds like the beginning to a porno...

haha that really sucks! as long as it didnt arouse you!

it prob did tho so we have a problem

It aroused me

that sucks, that's a bus ride to remember

haha I replied to get my comment at the top bitchez!

haha 148 is a fag, bitchezz!

How could anyone possibly say that you deserved this? FYL indeed.

Ive accidently tapped "you deserve it" when i meant "i agree, your life sucks". So maybe alot of people have bad hand-eye coordination

happens to me all the time!

Maybe it would be better not to sit next time...

Not really if she didn't and he got and erection it'd hit her puss or ass

lol that is creepy to turn around slowly and find that..

it's one of those really bad bday presents...

I agree with #5. FYL definitely. Ew.

Punch it next time! That is just NOT acceptable! EWE!

owwww I know this is bad but nobody except pedos/rapists should receive that punishment

I know! Dude probably was a filthy ewe.

You do know guys can't help it? Right? Just because he got an erection doesn't mean he is a creepy jerk. His 'happy sacks' are his organs, and I'm sure you don't want to be punched in the organs. Why is it funny to punch a guy in the balls and bring extreme pain to him just for something he can't control?

201 I'm pretty sure a guy can control whether or not he rests his erection on someone's shoulder.

That's why you slap first and look second.