By andibartle - United States


Today, at my new job, I was answering the phone and said "Hello Cafe Thirty, how may I help you?" The man on the other line said "Don't you mean Old Town Cafe?" Cafe Thirty was my old job. I now work at Old Town Cafe. The man on the other line was my boss. FML
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  Invasion976  |  6

It's incredibly easy to make this mistake. Assuming OP has worked at the previous job for a while, it would be drilled into their head considering they answer the phone a lot. Saying it so much leads to you just saying it without thinking. Leading up to this.

By  DjeePee  |  24

Small mistake? I don't know about you, but imo getting the name of the establishment wrong is a serious fault. I'm not sure whether the boss should or shouldn't fire OP, but it's not good for a shop if the employers don't know where they work.