By blegh - 16/01/2009 04:57 - Switzerland

Today, I reached for my beer and took a huge swallow before I realized that I had picked up my friend's tobacco spit cup. "Vomit" is not a strong enough word to describe what happened next. FML
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This is the second time in as many days that I've heard a story of someone drinking someone else's spit cup!! At least yours was tobacco...the other person's was green lung chunks and throat slime from having the flu. Would you people PLEASE start LOOKING before you drink???? I'm really going to throw up the next time I have to imagine something like this.

that chewing tobacco is a f***ing disgusting habit?


get some glasses mate

I almost did that

family guy...?

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how bout "PUKED MY GUTS OUT"?

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Been there, done that. Except I didn't throw up.

How do you puke your guts out without actually throwing up #43?

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EWWW i just gagged

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i got nauseous just thinking about that... >o<;

I've done that. Several times. I chew so it really didn't bother me.. I just get a bad stomach ache if I take a big swig. I can only imagine what it'd do to you though.


lol, what did we learn?

that chewing tobacco is a f***ing disgusting habit?

that happened to a friend of mine during football practice. hilarious to watch.

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My brother did this also.

Better him than you. People should really look first.