By taternuts - Canada
Today, one of my classmates pointed out that our professor has a habit of sucking his teeth at the end of each sentence. I'd never noticed before. I can't concentrate anymore, all I can focus on is his weird teeth noise thing. FML
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

I had to drop a class I really wanted because I couldn't stand that the professor said UM so much. My first day of class I recorded 1 min and she said it 37 times!! I couldn't go all year like that. Sorry OP, that super sucks.

  DarksideDoll  |  31

When I was in public school, we had a French teacher that used to itch/adjust his junk (hand IN his pants, not through them), then lick his fingers & turn the textbook page of whichever poor sop was closest to him. Cringe-worthy.

This popped into my mind partially because of the FML, partially because of OP's name.

  4everblackjack  |  10

FYL OP! I have the same problem too, someone pointed out that our vice principle has some nasty hairy mole under his lip (which I didn't notice) & now every time he says anything I notice it.. Gahh


This is kinda random, but I looked at ur profile ( like a creeper) mainly cuz I wanted to see ur pic, but I saw where your 41 . Are those your shoes ? Cuz ive never seen anyone past their 20s with vans ?

  taternuts  |  0

She's not mentally challenged. My username is from That 70's Show, they call Kelso taternuts one episode after he spills mashed potatoes on his junk. Do you happen to be a dick?