By oops - 14/08/2014 21:54 - United States

Today, I made fun of a girl singing passionately along to a song on her radio while in traffic next to me. She decided that her chocolate milkshake would make a good addition to my brand new seat covers. FML
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Whatever happened to minding ones own business ? If you don't like her singing, fair enough, but ydi for being an ass about it

I guess her milkshake didn't bring you to her yard ..


Whatever happened to minding ones own business ? If you don't like her singing, fair enough, but ydi for being an ass about it

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If you dont think op was being an asshole, what qualifies as being an asshole to you?

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Op was being a jerk but she was being a lot worse. She didn't have the right to do that and op could file a suit against her and I hope he does.

Right so I guess it's perfectly okay to throw milkshakes in people's cars...

it's not ok to MAKE FUN OF random people either.

While making fun of people is mean, it isn't illegal. Destruction of property, on the other hand, is.

Ruining another's good time for one's own personal enjoyment is worse than staining some replaceable seats. It's not like she set his house on fire.

@98 Way to change your comment to make mine look stupid

That's what you get when you make fun of people.

"Oh look, somebody's having a good time - I had better put a stop to that."

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Helldemon 32

Not really, as there would have been nothing bad that happened to OP on account of him being an asshole and he probably would have gotten off on the "**** you" cause it shows he hurt her feelings.

Whole lot of smart going on in the above comments. OP definitely DI, especially for stomping all over someone's harmless fun, and for acting like we'd give him sympathy after he was clearly the instigator of his own problem.

To everyone who thinks the girl should grow up and that OP should be mad about the seat covers: why do you think it's a bigger crime mistreat things than to mistreat people?

tony1891 22

you totally deserved that one

Yeah but what a waste of a perfectly good milkshake.

I would normally agree with that, and I did put YDI but I feel like it really depends on what he said. It could have been just mild teasing. And she could have been in a bad mood.

I don't think that people who are singing passionately to a song are normally in a bad mood.

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Seat covers can be washed. I don't think it a was a crime, it's not like she threw a rock and damaged a window.

I suppose it depends on the type of covers. I perhaps falsely assumed that the FML was because even with washing they might still smell bad/be stained or something. Milk+sugar tends to be a pretty nasty staining concoction. Either way it's kinda sad to me that she freaked out that much. Must've been a pretty bad milkshake to warrant wasting for that.

@Tthug, I think you're blowing this way out of proportion. OP should not file a police report. It's just a seat cover. Instead of blaming the girl, he should get over himself and stop being an ass.

What a nice person you are. She's just returning your kindness.

89 and 174 I absolutely agree with you guys. Can anyone Imagine what would've happened if the roles were reversed and the guy threw the drink?

The exact same thing. Except people would be calling the OP a bitch instead of an asshole.

I sing along with my roof down because I don't care what people think about me. When I'm in traffic I turn it down and don't sing as much. But seriously, why take the piss out of someone having fun? You made her waste her milkshake.

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Yea he totally made her waste her milkshake. He practically picked it up and dumped it on his own seats *sarcasm*

skittyskatbrat 19

I wouldn't call that wasting. I'd call that about the best use ever for a milkshake.

Lol. Don't **** with people's cars. Or their shit in general. If you can't take someone insulting you, roll your damn windows up. Apparently getting offended warrants retaliation nowadays. It's just pitiful. Grow up.

skyeyez9 24

So you think you should feel free to make fun of others and not expect someone, sooner or later will retaliate? Ridicule others at your own risk.

Tthug, you need to grow up and stop expecting people to accept being ridiculed without response. Since when is staining something small and replaceable worse than ruining someone's fun? Don't **** with people's stuff? How about you don't **** with people's harmless joy?