By Anonymous - / Wednesday 1 February 2012 01:11 / United States
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  cja101  |  8

Ydi music can't mask the fact that you can't drive. That's like saying I'm sorry I ran that poor person crossing the road over; the music took over. If YOU can't control it don't drive. Or at least turn the radio off.

  cosmosis  |  12

Fucking musical people, because of one of you clowns i lost my pride and joy that i had been building with my dad over the past 5 years! Music is not an excuse to have an accident... do yourself and the rest of the world a favour and hand your licence in!!!!

  CremeEggs  |  6

It's tough being chocolate, but musical chocolate? That's tough.
On the other hand, tapping the accelerator is an eggcellent way to ruin your car. FYcar.

  guitarbeast  |  22

Wow, I was kidding, I'm not that dumb
And 13 no tapping your foot to music doesn't make you a musical person, but playing in 2 bands and doing studio work for various composers does

  DrMime  |  10

Fan of Queen are we? Well in that case,

Mama! Just hit a car! Put my foot upon the gas, now I'm surely going to crash!

Mama! My rates are going up! Didn't mean to bend his end and ensure an expensive trend!

Oh mama!! Oooh oooh, didn't want to share my card, now he sees me as a tard!

  delilah09  |  6

I've done that! In the middle of a good song and then it's " oh fuck !" n hit the brakes. Luckily I've never hit anyone or another car, I did hit a curb though ... And for "mime boy" what's your deal?! Who hurt you?

By  DrMime  |  10

As a drummer AND a mime, I can safely say that air drumming is my forte! Think of the break as your kick, the parking lock as your hi-hat pedal, the steering wheel as your toms, and the prostitute giving you front-seat head as your snare drum!


6- Must have been singing and whistling to "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life." Monty Python classic. Doesn't get any better than that. This is coming from a person who listens to old school hip hop, funk, and classic rock.

By  fmessiah  |  16

You should have been dragged from your car and gutter stomped, blood and bone fragments flying through the air. You are driving a car, a heavy chunk of metal that can easily end someone's life and you became so inattentive and distracted you risked killing someone. YDI. Treat your vehicle like a razor sharp knife.. with due care and attention at all times. Imagine if you hit the gas while you were stopped at a crossing and instead of the rear of another car it was a child. Couldn't live with yourself? Then get out and walk.

  fmessiah  |  16

No, but isn't that the problem, "oh it wasn't so bad, just a scratch" Not "holy shit that could've been a person" Take more care on the road. Stupidity kills.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

Someone took this FML way to seriously, I understand what you're saying but the point is that didn't happen, and we are all humans and make mistakes, no need to bring children into this, or wishing that OP had something that terrible happen to them, which shouldn't be wished on anyone, just because the accidentally tapped the gas pedal in stopped traffic.

  cBlackout  |  13

26 - all he did was tap the rear end (giggity) of another car. It's not like he was drunk going 200 down a crowded street. It was a tiny accident, not vehicular manslaughter. And if it was a person, the worst case scenario would be a bruise, tops.


Yea seriously 36 calm your shit. There are a lot of what ifs that can happen at any given time and in this case it was nothing major so stop blowing this out of proportion.

  cosmosis  |  12

Mate i agree with you 100% !!! As someone who has lost a mate to someone not paying attention on the road i can completely understand where youre coming from!
Cars are bloody dangerous! Full attention and care should be taken, its the riskiest activity you do on a day to day basis.
I hate seeing people talking on the phone, eating, and doing make up while driving. It pisses me right off!!!!!

By  DrMime  |  10

If you kick your gas to the beat, then I'd love to watch the highway mayhem that occurs when the drum solo kicks in!

*what caused this accident?! Lars ulrich's crazy chops!*

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