By winstonweigand - 14/08/2014 22:40 - United States - Olympia

Today, while taking out the trash, I swung the bag back and forth, which caused it to slide across my leg. An opened aluminum can inside the bag ended up slicing through my calf, causing heavy bleeding. Baked beans sent me to the hospital. FML
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Hey y'all it's OP here. This story was actually from a few years back, but someone asked me about the nasty scar on my leg and it reminded me of this event and how pathetic it was. This is how it happened: My family was cleaning out all the cupboards in our kitchen, and when it came to the cans, my dad would open them, empty them and then throw the can in the trash. He tends to not give a shit about Mother Nature. I was tasked with taking the trash out. The can was at the bottom of the bag, facing outwards, and the bag was stretched tight, but it didn't split open so the can wasn't protruding. I was swinging the bag back and forth because I was happy we were done, but when it hit my leg I felt a funny tickling feeling, only to look down and see blood gushing out of a large wound in my leg. Naturally, I was hysterical, because I had no idea how it had happened. The story actually gets funnier from here. In my panic, I ran inside to my family, but since I was bleeding so much, I slipped on my own blood upon entering the kitchen and slammed into a wall head first. I never felt pain throughout the whole thing because of all the adrenaline. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital getting an anesthetic shot DIRECTLY into the gash, followed by a bunch of stitches. Your comments were really funny hahaha, and yeah, we should have recycled, but I was just following my dad's orders! When I'm on my own, I always recycle. I guess Mother Nature punishes those who associate with environment criminals as well :)

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tony1891 22

beans beans the magical fruit.

I know the feeling. I once sliced my pinky open with a can of Vienna sausage.


tony1891 22

beans beans the magical fruit.

The more you eat, the more you toot!

tony1891 22

scars from aluminum lids are not cute.

Hey, I know the feeling, that's happened to me too. Except with a dog food can...ouch.

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The more you eat the more you bleed severely

I know the feeling. I once sliced my pinky open with a can of Vienna sausage.

cdawg69 10

Vienna Sausage with MacNCheese.. the best when your pulling 12 hour shifts and you need something quick...

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Key words: scratch & slice. Difference: one hurts a hell of a lot more.

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trellz17 19

#4 No it wouldn't cause burning.

schhichick 14

Just take a pill from Miracle Max

I once sliced my finger on a deordorant lid. Baked bean cans hurt more, I'm sure, but deodorant in a wound does not help a cut

leeloo900 9

Darn, sorry OP. = Hopefully the can wasn't rusty. Tetanus shots are painful. Hope everything works out.

91hayek 31

You need a good cover story for the resulting scar. At least something more exciting than taking out the trash.

Aero_x 21

I have this scar on the center of my forehead below my hairline that I got from my hair straightener. I tell everyone a ninja tried to throw a sharp object between my eyes.

RedPillSucks 31

Or... Or... Taking out the trash is the new euphemism for beating the crap out of an ex. Wink or snarl as you say it and slam a fist into the other palm.

Just tell everyone you got into a knife fight trying to save a kitty from a tree

Honestly, I'm surprised the bag didn't tear open long before you could get cut if it was that sharp.

crazytwinsmom 25

It may have been torn some, just not enough to spill out. That's why you shove the lid down inside the can when throwing it away.

katydid91 31

You should be recycling instead of throwing it away. Anyways nitpicking aside, however you dispose of your can, the lid should always remain on the inside of the can.

I had the same thing happen, but with a broken piece of glass, part of it pokes through the bag, but nothing other than that delightful rubbish juice comes out of the hole

And this is why we should recycle. Instant karma from mother nature. still sucks tho, sorry op.