By Squanto - 16/8/2021 16:01

Kittens are everything

Today, I realized that since moving in with my boyfriend and adopting two kittens, I feel more alone than ever. He cuddles the kittens more than me, he doesn’t want to hang out with me at home anymore. Is this normal? FML
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By  Chazzster  |  22

Occasionally my wife decides to start an “am I more important to you than whatever it is is occupying my attention at that moment.” It’s not really a good thing to start because you put the relationship on a “make or break” footing. Either your significant other has to reassure you that you are important to them or they may eventually get tired of the emotional game and they withdraw more. While most of the time your significant other probably comes around and gives you the reassurance you crave, you are creating the risk that they won’t this time and may become tired of that “game”.

If it wasn’t a kitten it could be any other hobby or interest or even your own children. While I understand that we all need reassurance of the love of our significant other at times, it’s just not wise to start that emotional game.

A wise and emotionally mature significant other will recognize what is going on and give their partner the reinforcement they need. But not everyone has that level of maturity or patience all the time.

By  CTscan  |  5

my gf's dad passed and after rehoming the two cats multiple times we adopted them... the part feral one purrs while curled up with both of us and the part lynx kneads when she's laying with him