By wasteroftime - 14/08/2014 21:31 - United States - Granbury

Today, my friend started choking while at a Hard Rock Cafe. I jumped up and tried to give her the Heimlich maneuver, only for her to throw up all over the table and stagger out of the place. I stood there as the waiter asked if I wanted to split the bill. FML
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wasteroftime tells us more.

wasteroftime 8

OP here! Thank you all for the praise, I honestly did not think twice when I jumped up and performed the Heimlich maneuver on her. One thing I want to make clear here was not that my situation was worse than my friends, but the fact that the wait staff had no remorse about what had just happened although they stood there and watched me save her life. Learning the Heimlich can really be life saving before you know it :)

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tony1891 22

you at least tried. Probably saved her life too

Fuck her life for choking and vomiting in public...


tony1891 22

you at least tried. Probably saved her life too

You know it worked because the op's friend threw up

Having her throw up is better than having her choke to death

No, OP didn't. The Heimlich manoeuvre actually causes more harm then good. Just hit with the heel of your palm between the shoulder blades with moderate force 5 times or push with your hand 5 times at the sternum. The Heimlich manoeuvre can cause your internal organs to be crushed or your lungs to be punctured.

DeltaDragonxx 20

which is rare. aspirin can cause internal bleeding but chances are it won't.

No, that's literally why the Heimlich manoeuvre is banned in countries. Go look it up or Google it.

Brooke5702 13

Because everything you google is true obviously

Why is everyone down voting this? @29 is correct. I'm a paramedic and have been told never to do the Heimlich. Just do the 5 chest thrusts and 5 back blows and encourage coughing.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Puke is now the price of doing good

No act of charity goes unresented.

Fuck her life for choking and vomiting in public...

I agree, this was much worse for OP's friend! Pay the bill and go make sure she's ok.

I bet she was just really embarrassed, I know I would be. Next time something like that happens just pay and go check if she is okay, if she really is your friend talking to her about the bill will be just fine.

Hey the aftermath wasn't pretty but you may have very well saved her life, so you deserve a pat on the back, OP.

Doing the heimlich can make that happen. If she walked out breathing, I'd say you did well.

You saved her life, nothing else matters. The wait staff could be a little more sensitive too.

91hayek 31

That's one way to get out of the bill or to get others to pay it for you. Sounds like Choke by Chuck.

This could have been a lot worse if you didn't know how to successfully pull of a Heimlich... well done OP!!

Well id be pretty proud of yourself if i were you, knowing i saved someones life.