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Today, I had my headphones on while on the bus. I didn't realize how loud the music was till the woman sitting next to me punched me for changing her favorite song and then "ignoring her" when she asked me to put it back. FML
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Women want equality right? Give her a surprise and smack her right back!

It's just annoying when people listen to their music that loud.


Women want equality right? Give her a surprise and smack her right back!

1) From your photo I can infer that you're awfully smooth with the ladies, so if we assume that OP is equally as smooth, your advice may be the best advice possible. Perhaps Miss Feisty Hands would mistake OP's "equality" punch for a love tap, want to get frisky, eventually marry him, cheat on him, and forfeit half the house she owns to him in the divorce. In a way, you're almost his financial advisor... Side note: Clairvoyance at 6:30 a.m. just upped my coffee requirement for the day.

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LOL you should have put it back on and broken into song and dance together! hahaha

JocelynKaulitz 28

There's always that one weird person on the bus…

#16 she had no right to hit him. hes listening to headphones he's not her personal radio. even if he was she still had no right to strike him. if the genders were reversed people would freak

Whocarez 10

Violence #1? Really? That sucks OP. ignore that B and switch seats.

The irony between your username and comment..

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I agree that #2 is an idiot but please make an effort in learning what irony really means.

The comment is ironic. From the username "Whocarez" you would expect him to either a) not care about the situation or b) not care about the comment involving violence. This is further supported by the fact that he spelled cares wrong in his username. However since the comment does showcase him "caring" about the situation, which is the opposite of what was expected and may or may not have made you laugh, the comment is ironic.

2- Ignore someone who punched you in the face? I wish I had known to do that in elementary school...

It's simple really, silently incapacitate her, then leave, simple right.

Don't cry well ask him to go on the naughty step

How rude, that's when you play the song "Hot Problems" (assuming you have that song)

You need to die for even thinking of that option.

It's just annoying when people listen to their music that loud.

Risotto_fml 11

This. People have no clue how to behave on public transport.

I can't stand those idiots who feel the need to share their wonderful music with us, which is normally Nicolas Minaj or One Erection. I hate those types of people. They act like they have the voices of god on their wonderful iPod. Sheesh.

Ninjasaurus18 9

Their hearing issues are their own damn faults.

MerrikBarbarian 9

One Erection? I don't think I've heard that band before... Sounds interesting though... ;)

welove1d 1

Hey don't be mean to One Direction or Nicki Minaj. ESPECIALLY 1D...they are my life...and they are the voices of God

CeeCee_fml 16

Sometimes its not that the music is loud, but that the headphones are bad when it comes to leaking the sound. I had headphones that were on a low volume but people next to me still heard it.

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

What about the people who have it that loud to drown out the bellowing cellphone users, cackling/bawling babies, etc. that NEVER. *******. Shut. Up.

84 probably also listens to justin bieber.

welove1d 1

Actually, we don't like Justin Bieber much at all.

#106 - One Direction are worse than cancer and aids (yes they're that ******* bad!).

welove1d 1

#107-One Direction is the freaking best!!

You should have stood up, faced her and slapped her with your headphones saying "I challenge you to a duel!". Then engage in a gun duel, the winner gets to listen to their favorite song.

OP should probably take a little nap and hope that he's got a +5 to whatever attribute governs his gunnery skills. If he doesn't, he should tell this feisty lady to hang on while he summons a few golden saints. Kill, rinse, repeat, and he should undoubtably win this duel. Unless, of course, she's actually Dagoth Ur reincarnated as a lady on the bus, in which case OP needs to get off the bus as soon as possible and go find Keening and Sunder. DON'T FORGET WRAITHGUARD! Good luck, OP.

I think 21 might be making an elder scrolls reference, but I'm not sure....

Anyone else get an erection from 21's speech?

No, I felt like she is trying to say "Guiz look at me, look at me, I'm a nerd, LOLZ! Pay attention to me!"

You play Eldar? You have horrible armor saves but good psychers, though Vanilla Space Marines are much better

My bad, last comment is supposed to be @21

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I would have punched myself If i had that song in my iPod or mp3 player

#9 - Have you heard "Hot Problems" by Double Take?

Or Jeans by Jenna Rose. (correct me if i'm wrong I think that's the name of her song)

Possible solution: "never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around, And hurt you" Just a thought... -_-

After turning on your horrid song of choice, OP, lower the volume on your headphones and politely place them on her. Then, blast the volume back up.

Michael_92 20

One thread containing all the worst songs in history...I don't think the internet can handle this

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

perdix 29

#68 Perhaps a disgruntled postal worker who blames that fancy-ass e-mail for stealing his business would mention: "You Light Up My Life" "Billy Don't Be a Hero" and "My Sharona" to avenge his loss. Jus' sayin'...

You want a ******* horrible song? Type "Jesus is my Friend" on Youtube. Or listen to some Justin Beiber.

Every set of earphones/ headphone are always loud enough for others to hear, regardless of volume, except when I wear those gummy ones. That was rude of that lady to do. A sweet tap and a request would make me reconsider, but a punch? Hell no, lady!

Some just have ****** up ideas in their head of deserving and such...

it was her "favorite song" ! id be upset too i wouldnt punch you tho. what song was it?? ooo oooo single ladies?

perdix 29

"women?" She was so fat she was plural? I'll bet they fix it, but this story originally said "women sitting next to me."

Marcella1016 31

Thanks, perdix (actually according to autocorrect your name is prefix lol) I was surprised I had to scroll down so low before someone pointed this out. Public Service Announcement: 1 adult female = woman 2 or more adult females = women There are no exceptions to this rule, period, except possibly in the scenario perdix pointed out.

perdix 29

Keep pounding the Eggos and you'll get there! Now there's a contest where our Ninja nun will obliterate Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut and Sonya Thomas.

Marcella1016 31

Hey Noor not a bad goal I've heard a 300-400 pound women can make tons of money from men with weird fetishes...look up "squashing"

Maybe OP is into Women's Lit; where a very common theme is the duality of woman? Thus a singular woman is actually 2 women(barring multiple personality disorders). Or maybe it was a typo!

Marcella1016 31

Nah no way it was a typo. I'm voting on Siamese twins or even the rare conjoined twin myslexia (10 points to whoever gets the reference)

Must have been an awesome song to risk punching someone on public transport.