By T-Bear - 07/10/2015 15:02 - United States - College Station

Today, I'm staying at my grandparents' house. I went upstairs to grab my sketchbook to show off to my grandma. My grandpa is half-deaf, which I guess explains how he didn't hear me. I heard him though, jerking off and muttering the most disgusting sexual things about "Tara." I'm Tara. FML
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Some things just cannot be unheard OP. Maybe it's time to distance yourself.

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Some things just cannot be unheard OP. Maybe it's time to distance yourself.

I first read this as half dead, it still made sense though

#68 Really? You actually think OP should be flattered? You're one of those "wincest" commenters aren't you :/

Did anyone think of The movie "The Visit"?? Creepy as hell

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#63 I made the same mistake when I read it. It wasn't until your comment I realized it was "deaf" ?

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she clearly states her name is Tara in the post.

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I think he's trying to say that he guessed the name was Tara before he read the fml, when he saw her username..

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I suggest you don't stay in the room alone with him.

i agree, else he will try and force OP into submission with the pickup lines he's perfected over the years

Ok, grandpa is creepy... But, that doesn't mean he's going to try and get freaky with her the first chance he gets.

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I don't *know what to say either.

Damnit brain, I completely skipped over the fact that there wasn't a "know" in that sentence and read it like there was.

At that age they have to use any mind trigger they can just to try and get off. In all probability she doesn't have anything to worry about, he doesn't know that she heard him. It's his own little secret.

If he's that old you're probably the only female he can remember well enough to visualize, despite being gross maybe give the old fart a pass...

That's her grandfather. Getting off thinking of her. That goes beyond "his own little secret."

that's so messed up....maybe he's not all there mentally and thinks that's okay? :/ eek...

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Tara is a fairly common name, I know a few. It could be a different Tara..............hopefully.

Exactly. I've been in love with Julianne Moore for decades. Then, my sister had to go and marry a guy with the last name Moore. (My sister is named Julianne, if I didn't make that clear)