By AnotherLilyBart - United States - Niles
Today, I put some leggings on and I was feeling pretty good about how well they fit since I've been trying to slim down. Then I noticed the tag. Not only are they a size larger than I usually wear, but I also stretched them so badly that "Spandex" is now two words. FML
AnotherLilyBart tells us more :
OP here. To clarify, I'm actually not an unhealthy or excessive weight but I'm trying to get back to a size where I feel better about myself. Also, I thought I had bought the leggings in my size but the packet was mislabeled. To the other points, I do wear underwear and when I wear leggings, I pair them with a skirt or tunic so that no one is forced to appreciate my bounteous behind.
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  davidpropert  |  32

If she stretches the word "spandex" so badly it looks like two words then she does indeed need to lose some weight. When did everyone turn into a bunch ultra sensitive pansies? Sometimes the truth hurts. Get out of your safe space and accept it.

  xoteeshaox  |  22

I'm pretty sure the price on the piece of paper on clothing gets me down, but you're very right in saying that size doesn't matter, as long as you are trying to be healthy

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

That, and also depending on if OP hasn't worn this brand before, they could have actually not gained weight since clothing brand sizes differ. In some brands I wear medium, others XL.
That being said, OP. Don't let your size or the size of clothing get you down. You are beautiful and can slim down if you set your mind to it. Just be sure to do it the healthy way. Good luck! :)

  gabimk23  |  13

that and different brands go by different sizes and materials, so maybe it's just a different brand? either way if it makes you comfortable definitely get them.

By  mezochan  |  29

Don't let size worry you! Different brands have different ways of sizing things. I've got a few pair of leggings like that. One brand I can wear a small no problem, another brand I'm in a large. It's how they fit that matters! And if you feel good wearing them, then wear them! No one else knows what size they are, anyway. ;)

  seichan  |  7

I wear tunics with leggings, so my underwear doesn't show, like you say. Don't be one of those people who tell people what to wear. You're not making the world a better place.

  Epickitty58  |  29

You can always see our underwear. There's these things called thongs that make it so you can't see any panty lines, or you can wear a long shirt. I do it all the time and nobody can see my underwear. Also, there's some leggings thick enough that you can't see panty lines (patterns in the fabric help with that as well).

  sturschaedel  |  27

I wear leggings under skirts that end more than a hand above my knee or under wider skirts when I don't want to watch how I sit all the time. I feel more comfortable that way.

There are many legitimate ways to wear leggings. Don't assume everyone does it the wrong way, just because that are the only ones where you can easily identify them.

By  sadblufly  |  18

I momentarily had to check to see if I had posted this because this has also happened to me recently...turns out I had accidentally bought youth leggings instead of adult leggings so the sizes were really off. Don't lose faith, OP, it's a ton harder to lose weight than to gain it ><

  species4872  |  19

Overly plump