By welptimetoburntheplacedown - 11/08/2014 15:02 - United States - Louisville

Today, I decided to spend a few days at my grandma's house, to help her clean the place up a bit. So far, she's given me a "no masturbating under my roof" talk, used multiple racist slurs, and yelled "QUIET DOWN!" when I so much as sneezed in the next room. FML
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Sneezing is really rude though dude.

Fap and sneeze at the same time. Show her who's boss.


Sneezing is really rude though dude.

Yeah seriously. If you've ever sneezed don't even think of coming near me

Sometimes sneezing can't be helped. :/

Would you like me to fix your sarcasm detector, or does it just need new batteries?

Sometimes sarcasm can't be detected :/

If you can't detect this sarcasm then something is wrong.

@54 it looks like you need new batteries for your sarcasm detector

Its punishable by death in some parts of the world

Sarcasm fine. Being a bitch is not.

Why are you helping her clean? Ps bless you

Maybe her grandma is old, so she needs some help?

It really doesn't sound like she deserves the help. Even if she's family. She should at least appreciate what OP is doing.

Fap and sneeze at the same time. Show her who's boss.

I'll get the tissues! For the sneezing, of course..

Bring a black friend over.... not during your sneeze/fap session of course.

Or bring your black friend over and fap them while they sneeze.

@32 It could be someone who is racist against Asians, whites, Mexicans, or another race.

#43 Your right! Screw it bring in EVERY minority that you know just to be safe...

#46 I see what #43 is saying though. Everyone always assumes if the word racist is involved it's against blacks.

#55 Yeah it is a valid point, I guess its due to the fact that in my experience no one really hears much about hate crimes against other races. Usually on the news its a hate crime against African Americans. This is getting to serious.... uh.... [Insert penis joke... oh wait]

No, 62, fuck that penis joke. What you said was head on, especially seeing as OP lives in the U.S. I'm black and didn't take any offense to you assuming that she was racist against blacks, because more than likely that's the case.

No MASTURBATING?!?! Leave...

Leave while you still can!

Stand outside the window of the house, masturbating furiously and very loudly, and don't ever break eye contact with her.

Would you do that to your grandma?

I'd do it to his.

Reminds me of a joke I heard: Chuck Norris is so tough, one day his mom walked in on him masturbating, so he looked her in the eye...and finished.

While wearing a tshirt that says "I

As long as she bakes cookies, she is still a good grandmother.

Does that make me a good grandma??? :) Just kidding I can't bake if my life depended on it ._.

This isn't to converse, make a constructive comment and keep it moving. ^

It would be wierd to masturbating in someone else's house, especially your grandma

Not really. When the urge is on, it's ON.

I can never masturbate outside my home. I don't understand how people can do it in random places. Yet, oddly enough, I've had sex in so many random places... Call me weird.

I've done it in plenty of other houses. Like 21 said, when you get the urge, there's no stopping it until you take care of it.

Trolling Grandma Strikes Again

"Racial Slurs" While this was posted in Kentucky. Shocker.

Because Kentucky is the only place where racists live...

My friends grandma is getting on in years becoming senile and racist. In public she constantly loudly points out the "Mus-lums" and "fatties". Once I died my blonde hair red and she spent the day calling me "ranga" and pulling my hair. It's impossible to explain to her why this behavior is wrong.

#39, its true my Grandmother lives in Florida. She's considering moving just because an Asian family moved next to her.