By screamer - 02/09/2012 06:41 - United States - Paso Robles

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, I was apparently really loud, because when we finished I heard his mom and grandma sarcastically imitating me outside. FML
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You should have made sure there was no one in the house or something, I would die of embarrassment.

Feel your pain, bro. I just woke up to the sounds of my sister :(


Feel your pain, bro. I just woke up to the sounds of my sister :(

Although I do feel bad for you 1, it's different. I would much rather hear someone have sex rather than hear someone imitate me having sex. Especially mother and grandparent! Why would make noise if there's someone there? And if they were originally out you'd still be slightly quiet so you could listen out for when they were coming back! Only make noises that are loud enough to be heard if the house is definitely going to be empty for a while!

Umm....I think it's a little different? And it's a girl. Not a bro.

Ummm, I may be missing something, but how is #1's comment supposed to empathise with OP??

Waking up to the sounds of you sister having sex is worse in my books. If that's what you meant by the "sounds"

This kinda turns me on though in my defense ive gone two days without any.

#29 I'm sure you've gone longer than that...

It may be more like three days now. And judging by your pic im willing to bet youre a virgin.

44: Nobody gives a shit about your sex life, and please lay off the insults, we all know how HUGE your dick is. Honestly, what is it with the "Lololol ur a virgin!!!1!1!" jokes? I didn't know it made you less of a man.

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44 - You are a pimple on the ass of the Earth. When you were born, God frowned. You're a poser ****** who's probably more of a virgin than anyone else on here. Unless you count ******* yourself. Get your head out of your ass. Loser.

48: I don't know if you've noticed a trend when I 'bash' people. It's usually trolls, idiots, and the like. I don't do the playground bullshit.

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50- so would that be the northern or the southern hemisphere?

I think what 44 means by "without any" is him not jerking off for 2 days straight.

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I've gone 16 years without sex, 44. Clearly something is wrong with you.

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Apparently 44 thinks he's such a big man because he punches babies and masturbates.

I've herd that.... Cept it was my bro who I share a bedroom with and his gf... ugh

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I'm not scared of slendermen anymore. I was at a. Rave and there was a slendermen there and he carried me around lol

You should have made sure there was no one in the house or something, I would die of embarrassment.

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Considering how many FMLs there are about people getting caught having sex, I'm surprised people haven't figured out that maybe they should wait until they're the only ones home to do it. That way they can save themselves from a FML situation.

I agree. However, if you are going to have sex knowing people are in, stfu, or play music and keep quiet.

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some people are too horney and lack the self control to wait

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Horny* But how do you know they were imitating you? Sick thought I know, I apologize.

46: How did the OP know they were mocking her? The sex sounds would've been a dead giveaway.

I think 46 is trying to say that maybe the mom and grandma were having sex. That could be either really gross or really hot.

124- I don't understand your comment.

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At least they didn't walk in. Ydi maybe you should do that stuff when people are out the house

This sounds like it would be in that lonely island song "I just had sex" "..but her family overheard me..." "Doesn't matter had seeeeexxx!"

Seriously even the thought of having sex with a girl while her family is home makes me cringe. I don't know why you'd do it when people are obviously home and then not mind your noise. YDI

Shadow_Phantom 26

Meh. I have sex with my friend all the time when his parents are home. ...though yes, quietness is key.

>friend Holy shit friend with benefits.

Shadow_Phantom 26

@26: Friend with benefits who I had sex with... while my boyfriend was in the next room. When I walked back in, He kind of gave me this "oh you" face, smiled, and went back to his PC game. lol

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35- you're a keeper, all right!

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35, do you realize just how slutty you sound?

Shadow_Phantom 26

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35# really hope you were not looking for a pat on the back and a "Good job!".

Shadow_Phantom 26

68: Not really. Was more of hoping people would be open about it, but... oh well. >:

Why the **** do people need to be open-minded about you cheating on your boyfriend?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

66- I'm prudish and close-minded if I don't cheat on my boyfriend? Ok then.

Not trying to stereotype, but it is funny how every strange sexual person lists their location as California..... Fruits and nuts!

I like how your bio says you are nice and not a cold hearted bitch, yet you just admitted to cheating on your boyfriend in the room next door. Idk you sound like a bitch ***** to me...

Whoa, the creepy replies got deleted! Guess the mods were weirded out too... 0_o

Mine was legit... Wasn't creepy at all just explaining why they would do it. There's so many worse comments still here wtf

Shadow_Phantom 26

Wait... there were people in the house and you didn't try to be quiet? ._.

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Give me a message, I'm a satanist too

They are just proud of their son and it is their way of showing support. It could be a family tradition and this is their "welcome to the family" call. If his father starts hooting, you just climbed another branch in the family tree.

kprando25 8

Well it does say HIS mom and grandma, doesn't it?

That's what my mother in law did, she mocked me and said something about at least knowing her son was good....yucky eww gross! Lol

1dvs_bstd 41

Is the name of your boyfriend "Carlos Spicyweiner"? ... And why in the blue hell would you have sex when his mom and grandma are at home? You deserve it baby!

Blue hell is better than Sam hell!!! Or is that worse?

worlds123dumbest 4

Oh god, Im dead. LMFAO. Carlos Spicyweiner? The **** kinda name is that?

Haha, Spiceywiener? That's gold. :) 10 points for originality, and it literally made my day better.

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Why would you have sex with them right outside the door?? You deserved it! Trashy just trashy.

That's not trashy. It is her boyfriend, they can have sex wherever or whenever they want!

They weren't standing outside of the door, they probably drifted there from another part of the house because of how loud OP was being.

75 - totally! They can have sex at school, a park bench, in the bathroom, and even at church (assuming they go) /sarcasm off

kprando25 8

I'm sorry for the rest of my generation.

So to the top reply... So boyfriend (not husband) and in someone else's house, that gives them NO right!

Bite a cushion or pillow next time. Helps keep the volume down a little ;D

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No,you don't have sex while you have your sibling and parents in the house It's wrong

Askzombie 14

Eh It'z been awhile since zombie had sexy times.....

18- No, it was OP's boyfriend's mom and grandma. Not siblings.

Hahaha sounds like a great time to me! Lol and it stops them from knowing making it just that much more pleasurable! Hahaha

worlds123dumbest 4

Regardless of whether you can control it or not it's still disrespectful to do when family is there.

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62- just look at kitty's face. He knows...;)

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A lot of you are so narrow minded, I'd be surprised if you even had sex. Damn trolls

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I know it is overused but doesn't matter had sex.

If you know something is overused and not funny, why why why why why ******* why?

N3766 20

Why can't you guys just thumb me down instead of asking questions, pretty please :)

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41 - why do you want to be thumbed down?

thathipsterchick 2

Why can't we question your stupidity?

You want DocBastard to **** you? I don't think Mrs. Bastard would approve. Or Doc himself. Or anyone for that matter.

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Are u guys okay? Why so serious.... :/