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  emilyjgraham  |  34

Although I do feel bad for you 1, it's different. I would much rather hear someone have sex rather than hear someone imitate me having sex. Especially mother and grandparent! Why would make noise if there's someone there? And if they were originally out you'd still be slightly quiet so you could listen out for when they were coming back! Only make noises that are loud enough to be heard if the house is definitely going to be empty for a while!


44: Nobody gives a shit about your sex life, and please lay off the insults, we all know how HUGE your dick is.

Honestly, what is it with the "Lololol ur a virgin!!!1!1!" jokes? I didn't know it made you less of a man.


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44 - You are a pimple on the ass of the Earth. When you were born, God frowned. You're a poser faggot who's probably more of a virgin than anyone else on here. Unless you count fucking yourself. Get your head out of your ass. Loser.

  9inchesSoft  |  11

Considering how many FMLs there are about people getting caught having sex, I'm surprised people haven't figured out that maybe they should wait until they're the only ones home to do it. That way they can save themselves from a FML situation.

  gc327072  |  29

This sounds like it would be in that lonely island song "I just had sex"

"..but her family overheard me..."
"Doesn't matter had seeeeexxx!"

By  Bakarra  |  22

Seriously even the thought of having sex with a girl while her family is home makes me cringe. I don't know why you'd do it when people are obviously home and then not mind your noise. YDI

  Shadow_Phantom  |  26

@26: Friend with benefits who I had sex with... while my boyfriend was in the next room.

When I walked back in, He kind of gave me this "oh you" face, smiled, and went back to his PC game. lol

  esines  |  9

I like how your bio says you are nice and not a cold hearted bitch, yet you just admitted to cheating on your boyfriend in the room next door. Idk you sound like a bitch whore to me...

By  darwinism  |  30

They are just proud of their son and it is their way of showing support. It could be a family tradition and this is their "welcome to the family" call. If his father starts hooting, you just climbed another branch in the family tree.

By  1dvs_bstd  |  41

Is the name of your boyfriend "Carlos Spicyweiner"? ... And why in the blue hell would you have sex when his mom and grandma are at home? You deserve it baby!