My ears!

By epistaxis - 02/02/2009 00:43 - Australia

Today, I'm staying with my grandmother and overheard her having phone sex. FML
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I guess that's where she got her hearing AIDs! BA-DUM-CHING! =D

happygoluckyhh 0

Just because she's old she can't have a sex life? I know it must have been weird but you are saying that when you get over 60 or whatever age you have to stop having sex forever? No! There are many new sex toys and games such as oral or phone sex to experiment with these days. She never had those things when she was 20 so she's trying now. Go granny!


FlavorfulUnicorn 4

i had a friend tell me that it's like a grilled cheese sandwich down there for old women :)

I didn't even know old people DID that. HAHAHA, I can't imagine that my grandparents would. But then they're overly religous. Good one, though. Hehe, FYL for hearing that.

RebeccaLeann 0

She;s coming on to you dude. Remember, it;'s not incest if she's unconscious.