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Today, I'm participating in a 30 hour awareness-raising event on famine in Africa. I'm supposed to hand out leaflets to people from my booth. My school decided to hand out a literal crate-load of free cupcakes right in front of us. FML
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So you think handing out cupcakes will somehow diminish the awareness of the famine? If you starve yourself, that'll somehow make the famine better? Don't be so naive. If you want to change it, do something about it. Raise money, go on a mission. But complaining about some cupcakes is a waste of time.

:( Scumbag school.


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At least they can enjoy the cupcakes

leprechaun23 15

30 hours seems like an oddly specific number

#16 I've never be to or known anyone that's been to schooled famine event, but I've seen it on shows (Degrassi was one), and they were pretty specific about how long they were supposed to go without food. From what I've gathered, I think that's how these school operated famines work.

Better than being at a Kony 2012 Awareness rally. That shit got old fast.

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Cupcakes are just prostitute muffins... Don't fall for them

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Diid you find KONY ? everybody go on youtube & search up KONY 2012 ! MAKE KONY FAMOUS ! ; you won't regret watching it !

People that raise awareness like this are honestly just stupid. Being hungry yourself won't change anyone's opinion on the event of what's going on. "Oh I'm going to go through this 30 hour famine so I know how they feel." That's great, but you were already convinced to help out because you're already helping out. So I don't see what the purpose of making yourself suffer just to prove a point to what it seems like just yourself.

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78- I kind of agree, but at the same time knowing how they feel makes (some) people want to do even more. If you know how hard it is to go 30 hours with out food then imagine kids going 30 days without a meal. It helps you empathize and others feel pitty and (at least) read the flyers

Cupcakes? Who needs CUPCAKES? Paper brochure tastes sooo much better in my opinion

desireev 17

16- The 30 hours is a set-time because it's supposed to be a goal. The specific number normally is a recognition of something or a related number to another matter. There are many different associations, religions, support groups, etc.. who fast for a set amount of time. It's all a symbolization of a matter that the group participating feels deserves recognition.

100-it doesn't say they were fasting, but the 30 hr thing usually implies a fast, and the fml wouldn't make sense if they weren't.

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It could also mean that people would rather have a cupcake than the flier. So therefor mo one would want the leaflets because they just got a cupcake and left.

It is a fast. It's called 30 hour famine and I've done it twice this year. Op should have been more specific. It's 30 hours because you're supposed to do $1 per hour b/c $30 can feed and care for a child in africa for a month. Basically you don't eat for 30 hours.

:( Scumbag school.

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I just hope OP got AT LEAST one free cupcake. Come on, they're free. And they're cupcakes.

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what if...... just kidding im not insecure. OP if i were u id be like fk this and jump into the crate and stuff my mouth. unless they werent chocolate....

just because OP isnt eating doesnt mean the entire school cant.

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where did they get those cup cakes

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

From the cupcake fairy. Where do you think they got them?

Omg, she does exist! In your face mom, trying to crush my dreams!

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So much for raising awareness...

Well that's the way the cupcake fucks your good deed over!

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So... Can I have a cupcake?

:'D..... ...... ..... .... ... NO! >:[

They got you there. Bitches love the cupcakes.

So you think handing out cupcakes will somehow diminish the awareness of the famine? If you starve yourself, that'll somehow make the famine better? Don't be so naive. If you want to change it, do something about it. Raise money, go on a mission. But complaining about some cupcakes is a waste of time.

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Although Doc stated that in a rude way I agree. You could raise awareness even if there was a free buffet in front of your booth.

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But it does help... ^

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i don't think OP meant it in that kind of way. there was a once a high school who shaved off all of their hair because one of the football player's had gone through chemotherapy and lost all of his hair. the school shaving their hair off didn't help, but, they did it with good intentions, as did OP.

If everyone lived the way we did, we would need about 2-3 more planets. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but it's kind of a good thing that there are poor countries :(

If this is in Ontario I have a strong feeling this person may have been doing it for community service hours. I hate this annual event. You need 40 hours to graduate high school at my board and you literally get 30 hours from doing this. Almost all people use this event for the hours. Community service is to help the community not to do something that's obviously not doing anything. I finished my hours but at animal shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks.

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It sounds like this is the 30 hour famine, and event which also raises money, so it isn't just about raising awareness if my assumptions are correct.

Jorcar 8

If I am thinking of the same event, then this does raise money to feed those in Africa, but that's if this is the 30 Hour Famine as I am thinking.

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The point isn't that he's starving himself in support and the cupcakes were a temptation. The point is he's trying to raise awareness and they stole the attention.

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Sorry for my double post. I use the FML iPod app.

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I did this 30 hour famine last year. If it's the same one, you do raise money for Africa.

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Just hand them out to the cupcake lineup, I'm sure they will appreciate something to ponder while they wait for free cupcakes.