Fast and Furious 17: Hot cross buns in the city

By Stan017 - 13/03/2017 02:00

Today, I'm fasting for Lent. I'm a copywriter and my current client is a food company. I have to research about, and look at pictures of food all day. FML
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Look it's fine to do religious things, but don't complain about it. You chose this, and the whole point is to give something up that's hard, isn't it? I'm not religious, but I think you're missing the point.

In a sense, you Lent yourself to this inconvenience


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Not being a jerk and belittling people with different beliefs would be a great start for you.

Unlike most, I don't believe that religion should get a pass for being blatant bullshit just because not pretending otherwise offends people.

How does OP's belief do anything to hinder your life? Oh, it doesn't? It has absolutely no bearing on your existence whatsoever? Then don't call them bullshit. You're entitled to an opinion. That doesn't make you exempt from being called out as an asshole.

You can be indignant and offended all you want, that doesn't make religion any more than stories that got blown out of proportion before modern communication methods existed.

+bgbwtp I wasn't calling it bullshit because OP's religious practices directly effects my life in a negative way (though religion in general certainly does). I was calling it bullshit because it's bullshit. If that offends you, then that's not my problem. I will not go out of my way to validate religious people's delusions just to spare your precious little feelings.

I love that you think I'm offended after calling you out for being a dick. No, I'm just saying that OP is allowed their own beliefs. You being a twat and mocking them for it just makes you look bad. You can have your own opinion. I never once said you couldn't. Personally, I'm not religious. But there's never a need to belittle others' beliefs because you somehow think you're above them. Besides which, clearly FML staff folk agreed that you were out of line; your comment was moderated. Try framing your opinion less like a douche next time, if you please.

You say you're not offended, but you arguing so passionately about how religion deserves my respect says otherwise. As I said earlier, if you want me to respect religion, give me a good reason why (and again, religious people being offended does not qualify as a good reason, nor does you being offended on their behalf). Until then, I shall continue to treat it like the unsubstantiated bullshit that it is.

You don't seem to understand what "passionately" means, boyo. A comment is not passion. A comment is just that: a comment. I literally only called you out for an insensitive comment. I never told you not to have an opinion, just that your opinion made you look like a jackass (why? It was unsolicited and phrased incredibly rudely). But please, tell me again how I'm in the wrong for saying that OP is allowed to believe what they want, just as you are. That definitely won't make you look infantile.

Look it's fine to do religious things, but don't complain about it. You chose this, and the whole point is to give something up that's hard, isn't it? I'm not religious, but I think you're missing the point.

As a Christian, I agree,.. but OP may just have wanted some attention from this community besides acknowledgement from OP's abba Father - whdya know... :D

Like.. you are going to not eat for a full 40 days and nights? Or just a day at a time? Or more specifically, were you merely fasting on Ash Wednesday for Lent but then going to eat for the rest of the time?

My heart bleeds, the world is on fire and you are complaining to have to look at food pictures all day. Lots of people in the world are not fasting, but are actually starving. So stop complaining and do your job,.

OP, I feel your pain.... :-( Hang in there! :-)

Reminds me of the time I shoved a nail through my hand, knowing it would hurt, and it HURT!

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Any particular reason, or just cuz you felt like it?

So you are fasting for 40 days??? No food for 40 days???? Who are you? Ghandi's grandchild? ?

OP here. Hi, I just wanted to say I wasn't seeking attention. It's my first time doing lent. No, I'm not not eating for 40 days, I'm fasting breakfast and lunch. if you read up, it states fast for a time, but there's one full meal per day. Also, I do get the point why people fast and I do know how they feel because I'm used to not having breakfast or lunch since I was 13 because I don't come from a fortunate family. I save what I can, eat minimal at home so my siblings can eat and won't be hungry, trying not to burden my parents with needing money. I'm not complaining about the religion or about Lent but just stating a FML about looking at pictures of food all day because of a client. It isn't helping me being hungry and tempted.

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The point of Lent is to give up something and spend the time you would have spent on that reading scripture or worshiping or otherwise devoting yourself. If you are used to not eating then you actually haven't given up anything, and if you are spending that time working (and not devoting the time to God) then you're completely missing the point.

I did give up chocolate as well, so that's consistent. And yes, I do get the point, and yes, I do my devotion and time with God during my fasting time.