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By Fraser - 08/03/2012 19:03 - Canada

Today, my mother caught me masturbating. Trying to defuse the awkward tension, I said "Oh, I was just thinking about you!" Not a good idea. FML
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Oh I've seen this movie!! ....Pornhub right?

StormGirl142 24

I think you accidentally a few words.


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leprechaun23 15

Do it behind a locked door in the bathroom or at night when everyones a sleep

16 - That probably wasn't the best reply on a comment about incest...

mauguster 15

If it happens again look them 'em in the eyes and finish like a boss

I don't really care what it is you do with your family as long as you, keep your gene pool in check you animal!!

16- I read that as locker door... Made the comment 100 times better.

16- I read that as locker door... Made the comment 100 times better.

aimeesea75 16

87- I did the same thing and it indeed made it so much better xD

29- Or finish in their eyes and look like a boss.

...go on you left out the best moments; what comes after.

starburst7596 14

I immediately thought of Supernatural upon reading this comment.

I'm watching supernatural right now!!!

I love how a guy can post one comment and have it get more than 30 likes, and post it again and get over 40 dislikes.

Well I would hope so. It would be hard to jack off to the image of your mom, if you weren't picturing her all smooth and lathered it buck futter.

How wa the awkward tension after that... Aha

That would make a good story to tell your dad.

I'm thinking they should change YDI from "you deserved it" to "you dumb idiot"

Lock your or do it your shower or something man

StormGirl142 24

I think you accidentally a few words.

14 the words are all there. What ? you mean to tell me that you can't see the letters 'door' and 'in' ? If you highlight the sentence, you'll be a able to see the missing words!!

14- You are amazing. Keep on keeping on.

TunechiXXL 0

Rubbing out shower babies?

omfg..... I facepalmed myself so hard I think I broke my nose...

Idk why everyone thumbed down tune that made me laugh ass off

Oh I've seen this movie!! ....Pornhub right?

This thread went to a dark place rather quickly.

What about animal farm hoes! AmIRight? Eh? Anyone...?

Naw pornhub wins. Haha I go on enough for autocorrect to guess what I was typing. Por...ahhh pornhub.

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BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Spankwire does the job rather nice.

iiDangerCloseBK 6

Is it convenient that my like was the 69th?

Pornhub is good on a computer but tube8 wins on the phone ... You know for those on the fly moments

IAdminIFlow 0 is where its at. wtf r u all talkin about

This is a conversation i would Not like to take part in.

n_epic_fail 14

149- because Justin Bieber doesn't use the web for his ****, he has his slaves go buy them at his favorite sex store.

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Haven't heard of some of these sites. Must check out.

So many **** sites... I know what I'm doing tonight

MissAimeeAngel 15

Xvideos, my preferred website ;)

jojimugo 20

Am. Ashamed at myself that am a frequent visitor on all websites

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Pornhub is WAYYY better! But now it only gives you 5 videos a day -__-

tehrealone 6

Personally I prefer Wikipedia

120-I love xhamster man, it's the best

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I love that and I've seen it too

Finally someone agrees with me. (And I am a girl btw..)

If you on da itouch.... Set safari to private mode, and BING!! UNLIMITED VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!

FMLContinued 3

Wow.. :/ you gotta make sure there's no chance of you getting caught! Rule number one!

The risk of getting caught is half the fun. If you haven't been caught masturbating then you're not trying hard enough.

Rule number 2: if your parents walk in on you masturbateing you stare them in the eyes and finish like a champ

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Rule # 2 in reality you try to hide it and look as though you just saw the girl from "the ring".

There is no way to defuse the "awkward tension" when a family member catches you next time don't bother.

Haha, 69 thumbs up... Now watch as someone thumbs the comment up once more.

Top tip - stop masturbating when you say that OP that would probably have made it less awkward.

your relationship will never be the same I'm afraid

Isa_fml 20

my brother's named fraser. and lives in BC. LITTLE BROTHER, NOOOO

There was a guy named Fraser whom I went to elementary school with in BC Canada... Hahaha!

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KiddNYC1O 20

While fapping? That's just wrong.

jisaac09 25

Is it really wrong to think about Fraser's mom while beating it? Half of us do so what is so wrong with fraser doing it?