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Today, the "Child Care and Development" class at my high school assigned all 50 students to carry a fake baby around school all day for a week. I can't even read a page of my notes without hearing a robotic crying noise. Today is the first day. FML
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Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, anybody?

lissa_jade 22

moral of the story: you only have this baby for a week and it's already driving you nuts. a real one you're stuck with for at least 18 years. DONT HAVE A BABY FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME. (:


Man I'd hate to be your metaphoric baby...

chinchily 12

My school just did that! Except I had to take it home for 2 nights. Duct tape does nothing. (No I didn't try, but the noise will still come out of the speaker)

How about take out the batteries instead? It's fake so something must power it..

the back has a device that records how long you let baby cry before attending, whether or not it's turned off, etc. we would get points off for negligence and fail if we tampered with it.

Ok throw the baby against a wall and tell the teacher you realized your not ready to be a mommy/daddy.. Maybe she'll pass you for that realization! :D

chinchily 12

Unfortunately telling the teacher that you know your not ready, won't get you out of the project, and will make her give you a harder program. At least that's what my teacher did.

I think every high school should do that project...maybe teen pregnancy will drop by a few thousand.

BellaBelle_fml 23

CareFace; Your profile photo is precious and that baby is adorable! Off topic, I know. But I simply had to say it. Thank you for being a 'CareFace' :)

StalkerChick 13

When I did it, the abuse light came on because I kept laying it on its stomach. It wasn't my fault, though. My mom kept forcing me to make it cry in front of people...

strawberrywine22 30

I had mine for a whole weekend, and on the second night my mom couldn't take it anymore and she wrapped it in a blanket, shoved it into my dresser, shut my bedroom door and let me sleep in the living room. My neighbors called the police on me for child neglect because it screamed all night.

109, that was my exact thought. These babies are to annoy the crap out of everyone so teens will make wise decisions about sex.

We had the same class at my old school. For the girls it was optional, but was mandatory for the guys taking the course. My friend chose to take the baby home and even volunteered to do extra and he now has a child of her own as a Junior in high school. In my opinion, I don't think it really does anything. Teens are still going to have sex, it might drop the percentage of it, but this course has been around for quite some time.

I wonder... as a big brother to a sister eight years younger than me... would I still have to take the course, even if I would have proof about my little sis and that I KNOW what this stuff is about FOR REAL? :-)

And this reminds me - my friend - a girl - had a little sis FOURTEEN years younger than her. And you probably realize - every time when she came out with the baby coach, it was like "what the, who was the bast...?" until the town realized, that the baby is her sis, not a daughter :-D

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, anybody?

SilverInGray 25

Hopefully the kids in op's school won't treat the babies like the kids in the show.

I thought of O grady. The episode in which Kevin charged people a fuckton of money, to care for the babies. There was a reset button on the back of the neck. If only real kids came with reset buttons.

KingCeltic77 18

"In a middle school full of bullies..."

Haha that used to be my favorite show, I really wish the series went on for a little longer, it made me smile :)

420Zombie 17

thanks, I couldn't picture a screaming child without the help of this wonderful comment -_-.

BellaBelle_fml 23

It might just be me, but the way I read their comment I thought that they were making a sort of a pun as their name suggests. Like they were implying that the OP is being a baby by whining about the situation. He we the 'WAAAAAAH!!'.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Ok, where on earth the last few words of my last sentience came from I do not know, lol. It is meant to read, "Hence, the 'WAAAAAAH!!' " This is the second time this has happened to me today on this site. I'm normally pretty good in making sure I proof read every comment I post before I hit send, but apparently I am slipping in that department.

^It happens to the best of us. I've done it before, as well as, thousands of others.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I thank you for your support and understanding in my moment of crisis :)

Now, you'll get to learn what your mother did for you as an infant. Then, you'll appreciate her more!(:

Well, hopefully she wasn't still in school when she had OP :3

Not only does it piss off students who have to take care of the baby, it also pisses off other students who are in that school. Trust me I know.

My school does this but they mute the babies during the day. It's a bit pointless considering a real child isn't just going to remain silent between 9am-3:30pm.

usnwife 18

You also don't take a real baby to classes with you though...

riack 2

Unfortunately in college there are people that brings their infants to class

So I take it that sticking your boob in it's mouth won't work for this one, and you can't distract it with peek-a-boo either? This Is a tough one. I guess the moral issues of throwing it out the window don't apply here, so you can go ahead and do that! It'll survive. Now, if only you could rewire real babies...

When I was in middle school, the ones we had would stay silent if the electronic bottle was up to its lips. So, my neighbor duct-taped the bottle to its mouth.

wlddog 14

It sounds like a simple magnet design. Try that first, then see if you can rewire it with a internal on/off switch. That way you can determine when you feel like parenting an electronic baby, and even get an basic understanding o electronics. We are the robots future, we must teach the kids while they are still in school how to properly take care of our robotic offspring.

wlddog 14

84???? I am not a kid.... I have no idea what you are referring to. Is it a movie or something?

@89 it's a Star Trek: TOS reference, from ST II: Wrath of Khan. One of the tests at Starfleet Academy was ostensibly a simulation of rescuing a civilian vessel in distress, the Kobayashi Maru. In reality, it's set up to be a no-win situation, and is set up as such to test how the cadet will cope when faced with a no-win situation. Captain Kirk, when he was a cadet, beat the no-win simulation by hacking and reprogramming the simulator so he could win. Yes, I'm a big nerd.

wlddog 14

Oooooh that!!! I totally forgot about that. I was thinking of a Japanese comic or something. I remember that Star Trek. Just didnt know the name. Thanks.

I find shaking the baby violently helps.

That's very true. It usually shuts them right up. And if it doesn't, just put it outside on a tether like a dog. It will learn.

lissa_jade 22

moral of the story: you only have this baby for a week and it's already driving you nuts. a real one you're stuck with for at least 18 years. DONT HAVE A BABY FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME. (:

Better safe than sorry! She has a really good point. ^ Before you hump, wrap your stump.