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  Po1ntBlank  |  0

I know! what if it was like

Today, some of my classmates brought cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. I took the leftovers with me after class, and when my mom picked me up from school, she asked, "What are the cupcakes for?" I said my friends brought then for my birthday and she said, "I know it's your birthday, I just thought no one cared." FML.

Also, would you rather have your mom be the only one who cared or the only one who didn't?

  dez214  |  0

a mother should always remember their child's matter how old they are because they are still her child. if a mother truly has the love for her child like any other mother I'm pretty sure that they would remember the birthday.

By  dude443  |  4

how in the world would she know what they are for
jus cuz u got cupcakes doesnt mean it's someones bday
I can go to school , buy a cupcake and bring it home
doesn't mean it's my bday
she might not have forgotten .

  naximus93  |  0

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