By danam - 05/07/2011 02:38 - Canada

Today, I looked out my window to see the sunset, but instead I see my neighbor dancing with strobe lights on and music blasting. He was by himself and had absolutely nothing on. FML
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We all know you got out the popcorn and sat and watched.


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lol^^ at least the guy is comfortable with his skin!

Beat his meat? Splendid idea for a low budget porno!

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Go outside to see the sunset(:

Yeah bring some excitement to that boring sunset!

Maybe this is the husband of the grandma that brought the party to 4th of July in a previous FML?

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Add in some crystal meth and this a average wednesday night for me... very chill nothing crazy

I think you meant, "you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind..." Yeah, the safety dance. That's an Animal Biology Lab ritual, it is played every time before class, to remind us to be safe!

is it wrong that I do this every Saturday morning?.......

It would be wrong if you didn't tell me your address, and what window belonged to your bedroom ?(creepy face for those without iDevices)

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Screw joining him. FINISH HIM

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looks like you got a full moon instead.

you can easily just play some music and make it a block party!

He was obviously on E for the fireworks?

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I bet he had lady GAGA on too.

agreed. hell, he won't be dancing alone for long, tell him I'll join!

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I would have, I do this at least once a week!

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so what if he likes to hang out with his Wang out!!

It was obviously his birthday, he simply wanted to wear his birthday suit!

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Retardedbullfrog, I believe they were talking about the OP. You were quick to point out they were wrong, so it's only fair to point out that you missed getting my gender right. Better luck next time.

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Party hard, creepy naked next-door-neighbor.

Damn! I thought they we're talking about you since they replied to your comment. You guys have my simcere apologies . . . americans . . .

64 oh yeah? Well... you... somewhere in a pondien.

What's wrong with Americans? There would hardly be an entertainment industry in the world without America! And don't say, well my country has Blah, blah, blah... I bet you listen to American music and watch Hollywood films, and enjoy our **** industry. Yeah, Americans indeed.

75, all that still doesn't give them the right to belittle other countries. My pond happens to be somewhere near canada, they're nice people.

I happen to like Canada. I'm a firm believer that America needs a bitch on top at all times.

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Moral of this FML... Acid is bad

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Someone is pinging off their chops!

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you live next to Charlie sheen and saw him stoned, cool

We all know you got out the popcorn and sat and watched.

Nope. OP joined. Then after a while, while OP was dancing with him, OP wondered why he even submitted the FML in the first place.

He's doing the sunset dance, someone has to do it . . .

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Who actually watches the sunset anymore? Yanno, peeping toms are considered to be sex offenders. Then again so are exhibitionist. Remind me not to move to your neighborhood, seems to be full of sex offenders. :p

50 what in the ******* cacti in a taco are you talking about?

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Just joking around and pointing out that both parties can be charged as a sex offender for peeping, an the other for exposing himself. Dont worry, i jus took my meds, im okay now. Wanna make out a lil?

After I finish my bag of onions, my taco filled with cacti, and when the world is overthrown by my sassypants. So in about two minutes we would make out. Then in a while I would try to lay you down gently and try to get on top of you. When I do that you say "I am not that type of woman" and I say okay do the "ba dum tsss" on your hoo hoos an then jump out your window. I then yell "I'll pay for it" then run and whisper to myself that I won't. We meet years later at a local Sears and you say how's it going. I will then say good. We will then remember that wacky time and then I'll say "yeh it was crazy" and then you relieve shocking news that you had my baby. I then say it is not mine because we never had sex but we take a DNA test and it is somehow mine. Then we get married and we live *insert adverb here* ever after.

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KaySL could have made a better homoerotic make out story, probably involving the Cunters, and or Louisville Sluggers shoved up an asshole. Gross.

How can you say that? We are happily married, have a talented young boy that can "dance like Michael Jackson," and if you still think I ruined your life then look back and see who asked to make out. That's right sugar booger, you did. Honey, you ruined your own life and all I did was ruin your window. Also why do I hear couples call each other sugar booger? Why in the hell do I want to be a sugar-coated, slimy, sticky, green thing that comes from a nose?

Simply_improper has a rager of a hardon right now, but he's too damn selfish to share it with his husband. Cunter....

Sorry, I have to say it but judging from the pic and the profile I concluded that it is in fact, a she. You said he and I am sorry but it is not a he, so since it is a she it is not **** like you said before. 8)

That's what HE wants you to think...

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The Beebs will never marry you. Maybe you could be used as a cum dumpster for him. Maybe.

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Girls don't use cum dumpsters.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt. That's more than most would do.

MrSassypants, simply_improper is like ten years older than you. I had no idea you have a taste for the finer things in life you cougar hunter, you.

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i should have settled for a handshake

I love you too... I mean your stories... ha.

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Adultetous! I want a divorce. Youre obviously not commited to this relationship. :(

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Hey guys! I'm back from my pond . . . what the fly is happening here!?! I just went and eat 3 flies and all of a sudden there's like this whole story shiz going on here . . . damn

You're trying to hard with that frog theme...

Then just close your curtains. Problem solved!

How do you watch a sunset through curtains?

You can't. It's not like OP have magical powers to see through objects; but even if OP did he would still see the naked dude.

And they, turn me on, when they, take it off...

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there's a place I know if you're looking for a show where grandpas go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor!

I like how part of the fml is that his neighbor was by himself

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haha win on the picture above me

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Then again OP is in Canada, that would probably be normal up there... EH!

Iluvboners has been up to his old ways again. Damn cretin.

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How can Boners be up to his old ways again if he never stopped. More like "He's still at it." If OP had watched for a bit longer, they would have seen him go to his computer and type out his various comments while still dancing majestically, never missing a beat.