By JenniWearsPrada
Today, I decided to start my exercise video routine. It's an African dance workout DVD. Just as I felt confident and motivated about getting in shape, I realized that my window was wide open and my neighbors were getting a front row seat to me waving my arms in the air like an idiot. FML
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  lmaoatall  |  6

don't knock porn workout videos. there's some good ones out there. like feeling the groove with Richard slims in. Jane pounda's jaz and jiz. and my fave, Jack off Elaine.

  DaveOnDope  |  4

I used to watch this local woman that did a morning exercise show on PBS every day. She almost always got a standing ovation out of me. But I never stood up, I was busy.

By  Residence_fml  |  4

Get that workout DVD, watch and follow it! Come on, there is no shame in wanting to get in shape and feeling good about yourself!!!! People in the gym look ridiculous sometimes too but it's so normal there that there is no need to laugh