By cherokeems - 20/10/2015 18:28 - United States - Harriman

Today, my 8-month-old dog decided to decorate the living room by tearing apart a rented college textbook, the reference guide that went with it, and part of a color therapy book. FML
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One of those rare cases where the dog actually did eat the homework.

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YDI It for not watching a young and poorly trained dog. That does suck though so good luck with college.

Who says the dog is poorly trained? When my dog was that age, he certainly got into stuff he shouldn't have. Hell, he's 2 now and will still get into things occasionally. Training a dog is a LIFELONG process.

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if you can't trust em, you can't leave the stuff where they can get it.

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He'll be the next Mr. Peabody before you know it.

And the therapy book. He's now the perfect balance between mental and psychological health.

One of those rare cases where the dog actually did eat the homework.

If you know the ibn number you might be able to find it used for a reasonable price unlikely, but possible. O and maybe finding a pen or something for your dog when you're not around? Idk good luck figuring everything out though OP.

NEVER NEVER NEVER give a dog a pen. #1 choking hazard #2 ink. ink everywhere. you give a dog a bone, preferably a large hard to chew through in a single day type of bone!

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just went right over your head, didn't it #38

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Wow.. Pen as in a small enclosure. Not pen as in a writing instrument. Smh

Why is the dog's age necessary to mention?

Yes. The fact that the dog is young shows that it is most likely not trained.

maybe your dog is trying to tell you he needs therapy.

Who needs therapy when you have a dog. Maybe that's what he was trying to tell you.

Always keep everything away from dogs.. They're the worst