By cherokeems - 20/10/2015 18:28 - United States - Harriman
Today, my 8-month-old dog decided to decorate the living room by tearing apart a rented college textbook, the reference guide that went with it, and part of a color therapy book. FML
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  smokecloud_  |  37

Who says the dog is poorly trained? When my dog was that age, he certainly got into stuff he shouldn't have. Hell, he's 2 now and will still get into things occasionally. Training a dog is a LIFELONG process.

By  jadalaheart  |  23

If you know the ibn number you might be able to find it used for a reasonable price unlikely, but possible. O and maybe finding a pen or something for your dog when you're not around? Idk good luck figuring everything out though OP.


NEVER NEVER NEVER give a dog a pen. #1 choking hazard #2 ink. ink everywhere. you give a dog a bone, preferably a large hard to chew through in a single day type of bone!