By themonesterman - 03/04/2014 02:25 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, my grandmother is coming over to my family's house to stay for about a week or so. Apparently, the guest room window isn't big enough for her dream catcher, so she wants her cat to sleep in the guest room and she wants to sleep in my room. My parents support this. FML
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themonesterman tells us more.

Update: The point of thr FML was not to complain about giving my room for my grandma, but it was to complain about: A) Her reasoning for not taking the guest room. B) The cat.

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Speaking as someone who has just been meowed at for the better part of an hour because kitty was bored while I was getting ready for school: Fuck the stupid cat, take the bed. (don't literally fuck the cat though)

Cat owners are nuts man


Cat owners are nuts man

I'm a cat owner and I support this statement.

Likewise. Sometimes my cats love the crazy. Sometimes they are scared shitless.

Nobody really "owns" a cat. But I agree that cat people can be nuts--although not nearly as nuts as dog people. I am surprised that grandma doesn't want to share the room with her cat. And she either has a huge dream catcher, or that's a tiny window. Good gravy.

JMichael 25

Any pet owner can be nuts really. I own a guinea pig and it drives me nuts everyday. *maniacal laugh*

Without diverging in to pet ownership ethics, people do own cats. They benefit, and TBH, domestic cats would have a hard time surviving without "owners".

There's plenty of good-living street cats, but I do agree with you on the other parts.

I'm a cat owner and I do not support this message because it is false.

OP, to correct you - the domestic cat is actually the best for surviving on it's own compared to any cat species. The domestic cat is the only one to be able to consume comfortably over 300 types of food.

#71, but I still don't think it'd be safe for an indoor cat to live by itself in the wild. Their scavenging instincts have long faded through generations of domestication.

I have 2 cats but I also have 2 dogs and I can honestly say I like the dogs a lot better. Don't get me wrong, I do love my cats but they are assholes.

All cats are assholes.

That sucks, OP, but it's only for about a week so it's not that bad.

Well we don't even know where op is going to be sleeping ...

Sofa city, sweetheart.

I love how your picture is a cat

Indianboy9321 25

Sweet dreams!

Old cat lady maybe?

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His grandmother is taking his room for a week, and her cat takes the guest room for a week. This leaves OP to have to sleep on the couch for a week which sucks.

go sleep on your couch for a week

SmittyJA24 26

Fuck sleeping on a couch!! I'm thinking: Holiday Inn for a week. One with a pool. And all your buddies. Especially since the parental units think it's ok to displace your ass.... they can break-out a credit card. Have fun.....

buttcramp 21

it's not that sleeping on the couch is so bad, it's that the grandmother doesn't have good manners as a guest. OP is being a wonderful host by even sleeping on the couch.

"Fuck yo couch!"

I believe I was called?

Just sleep with the cat.

Your picture with that comment makes it funnier.

Here kitty kitty kitty...

icandothecancan 24

Don't you dare take offense to Mr. Fluffysnufflkins taking the guest room for the week. He gets very nervous when we travel and needs his own space.

I am so sorry... Family bonding time?

Missyeru 14

Sleep on the guest room for a week! But seriously OP sorry :( when I lived with my parents, every time my grandparents came to visit I had to sleep in the guest room because my grandpa insisted my bed was more comfortable...

Her cat gets the guest room.

RedPillSucks 31

Boot the cat onto the floor and sleep on the bed. Cat domination will not happen this week.... Fight proud!!!!

Missyeru 14

Cuddle with the cat.

That's a bit extreme :/ sorry OP at least it's only for a week