By Stacy - 05/07/2011 04:04 - United States

Today, while using the restroom at work, I dropped my keys into the toilet. I left to find something to get them out and figured nobody would use a toilet with keys in it. I came back to a bowl of dung and "Shit happens" written on the wall in lipstick. FML
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At least it wasn't written in shit....

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reach in and grab you can always wash your hands


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tell everyone that somebody ate then shat your keys

That's disgusting but nothing you can do. From now on I recommend keeping a hanger one of those Gopher grabby extension hands handy.

I'm surprised that someone saw the keys, did a dump on them, and then wrote a personalized message for the owner of the keys to read for when they came back to retrieve them from the bowl.

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Atleast they didn't flush or steal the keys .

18- I'd be suprised if no one did something like that. it's funny...

It would be funnier if they'd flushed it and still done the shit.

well isn't this is a crappy situation ?

Andrew1122 0

sounds like a shitty situation to me

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pine apple butter scotch rub your chest and touch your crotch. :D

Please enlighten me on on exactly what the **** does that have to do with this FML?

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hahaha its funny because he's a guy..

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I'd find the chick with that same lipstick and punch her in the throat. She shouldn't be hard to find if she works with you;)

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this girl if fuggin gross if she writes shit on walls using lipstick.

Except there is that pesky problem of of the lipstick not being personally made for an individual person so more than one woman can be wearing that shade.

I like the use of "punch in the throat"

At least it wasn't written in shit....

The first time I read the FML, that's what I was expecting.

Sacurason 0

...I don't understand your comment, but I love the Palin pancake head picture.

robc32ca 4

reach in and grab you can always wash your hands

ya but its still gross. I wouldn't do it


so ud rather come back to find that?

Ohh I thought u ment after someone pooped in it hah ok ignore my comment

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#125: I thought that as well at first aha

but then you realize the lady probably flushed the keys then shat

A100893 30

Well that's a.... nope. too easy. Sucks for you, but everyone poops. Get used to it in case you ever have children.