By vanorav - 18/03/2012 02:41 - United States - Santa Clarita

Today, I walked into the kitchen to eat some breakfast. I got a full visual of my drunk neighbor dancing naked in my backyard. FML
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Why would they go to back to bed, the neighbor shouldn't be in the backyard anyway and he's naked.

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Just check the locks on the doors and windows and go back to bed. What else is there to do?

Fat naked fag. That shit won survivor.....

Why go back to bed? You got breakfast with a view!

slushpup9696 12

This is the only reasonable thing to do in this situation.

danni218 1

nah turning on the sprinklers woulda been a much better choice

Meraklez1013 9

12- sounds like an option I wud go with, to bring him back to earth nd get him the heck out of my backyard!!

Could be a her, but then it wouldn't be an FML...or maybe if OP was gay, it might be. Help me out here, do gay men see women how straight men see men =0?

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Some people don't have sprinklers

45 - Yes, we use our eyes. : P. But, honestly,, I wouldn't be throwing wood because an uninvited naked stranger was dancing on my lawn.

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Believe it or not this happened to me before, so I know how crazy this is.

Perhaps it was the Co-founder of Invisible Children...? Hmmm

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You were drunk and dancing naked in your neighbor's backyard?

Video tape it. Or put a sign out the front yard: Dancing drunk, $5 to see Must see to believe! (no flash cameras)

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On a flying unicorn of course, Op house was just a pit stop before heading of to candy mountain. Cocaine is a hellava drug.

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Sounds like a very exciting morning! I hope it didn't spoil your appetite.

To be honest that's funny to wake up to sometimes x's

Sounds like this is a regular experience for you:p

Not really, I have a boring life, so it's amusing to have something like this happen to me

WELL! There's this amazing thing called climbing! It's what all the people are doing these days, so he must have climbed the fence! Seriously, the stupidity of some comments are more amusing than the actual FMLs

Omg, you should have blasted loud music and danced too!!

Rocky007 15

Did they look like a leprechaun? If so I think it's a fellow FMLer.