By anon - 15/09/2012 05:35 - United States - Rocklin

Today, I woke up to the sound of my neighbor pleasuring himself. FML
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No. Thats ******* nasty, you sick pervert.

Ever heard of a joke? Its where you say something thats not meant to be taken serious to hopefully evoke a humorous reaction. You ******* retard. You're probably one of the idiots on the internet who doesnt even get what trolling is.

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19- There is a fine line between funny and nasty. Many times, people walk right along the edge and it works out for them. You, however, set fire to the line and then ran across it screaming.

46- cause he set fire, to the line, Watched it burn as we thumbed him down..

42- I think only Perdix can get away with those type comments.

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Or how noisy is the neighbour? He must be very enthusiastic! :/

Yea, what a jerk! But cum to think of it, i gotta hand it to him; it's quite a ballsy move he did there, and i'd hate to act prematurely and turn this into a sticky situation!

36- **** you go on? Or is your mind sucked dry of puns?

I gotta admit I'm having a hard time keeping up with your rhythym, but let's not blow this out of proportion, especially since I've already given you a lot of meat to chew on. And I'd hate to slip up and spit out any phallicies of any sort, so I'll pull out before this gets to big for me to handle.

...and I thought somebody was mastuhbaitin.. Ain't nobody got time to fap! Ain't nobody got time to fap! Ain't nobody got time Ain't nobody got time, Ain't nobody got time to fap!

I still think you can go on. Don't pull out yet! You've just gotten to the climax and it's getting pretty hot and sticky.

3 why would OP move out after just listening to him pleasuring himself once? Don't you think that's a slight overreaction?

O If my walls were that thin and the guy was loud enough to WAKE ME UP, then I would definitely consider it. The walls and the place OP is living in obviously isn't very good if you're able to hear it. Also, if you can hear him wank I'm quite sure you'd be able to hear a delightful array of other things, many of which are probably not pleasant. I didn't say he had to, but that he should consider it, especially if it's happened before or he thinks it'll happen in the future.

11 please re read the FML, because if you look hard enough you'll realize that the FML states that he WOKE UP TO HEARING his neighbor. OP never once mentioned getting WOKEN UP from his neighbor. So he's fine. He must be a heavy sleeper :P.

Where does it say he is a heavy sleeper? So you're saying he woke up before, and then immediately noticed his neighbour wanking? Not sure if that's much better lol Either way, thin walls is never good and imagine all kinds other shit he would be able to hear, wanking may be the least of his worries.

30 I meant I thought it was implied that he was a heavy sleeper if he wasn't woken up by the neighbor.

You shouldn't hear your neighbor jerking off weather you're a heavy sleeper or not

Why move out? Just pound on the wall and yell, "KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE!" Just take extra caution not to pound so hard as to put a hole in the wall. If they're THAT thin, it's likely.

Yeah it would be over reacting if Op moved out. It would waste money too.

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Having a moving out option would be nice, but I feel bad for OP if he's a college student.

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Not as awkward as waking up to it again tomorrow.

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At least you didn't have morning wood as well. ...right?

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What does that have to do with anything?

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As almost most guys do, I bet you he did!

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A happy neighbour is a good neighbour OP.

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Yeah. Wouldn't want some jagoff next door.