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Today, I looked at my twelve-year-old daughter's test. One of the question was, "When is a good time to worry about your parents?" Her answer was, "When they take selfies, because selfies aren't made for old people." FML
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That sounds like a very odd test. I don't know in what type of test that would be an appropriate question, but that was a great answer.


That sounds like a very odd test. I don't know in what type of test that would be an appropriate question, but that was a great answer.

Well back when I was 12 years old, we had tons of religion tests exactly like that, and when I didn't study, I would write Jesus to all the questions, and if my teachers fails me, she's going to hell!

I'm more curious on whether or not she got the question correct.

It could be related to a book or event the class is studying. It sounds like the kind of question I would have students write about to get them thinking about something in the book. Without context, it is indeed an odd question.

I wonder if it's for a health / first aid class.

#48 - That's what I was thinking. Maybe the correct answer was something pertaining to the parents looking like they're in danger (i.e. - if they're choking).

The type of made up tests that exist in situations that never happened that are posted on FML.

There's nothing wrong with an occasional selfie.

Yes an occasional picture of ones self is ok, but I despise the term selfie and the thousand pictures of girls making duck faces that the term represents.

erenjaeger 16

I don't see what's wrong with it. I mean sure, we think duck faces look stupid, but if they like it, then let them. I think selfies are a good thing, because society is always trying to make teens feel ugly and horrible, but selfies can make you feel better about yourself. And where's the harm in a girl taking pictures of herself? Especially if it makes her feel a little bit better about herself?

Its the amount they take and the obvious not appropriate attire they wear during them. Some are bordering on pornography. These "harmless" selfies can get young women stalkers. I know someone who had a man attemp to enter their house on 3 different occasions. All 3 times it was their daughter's room he was trying to get in.

Wait, so some insane douche tried to break into a girl's house, presumably to hurt her, and it's her fault he did that?

littleteapot 21

Duh #37 boys will be boys. and the girls are just asking for it. *gag*

Ewwww. Don't blame girls for taking selfies, there's nothing wrong with it. If they attract stalkers because they're pretty maybe you should, idk, blame the ****** up stalkers?

Im not blaming the girls entirely but to a degree they can avoid the weirdos they should know are out there if they use common sense. No facebook pictures with their boobs or butts almost hanging out of their clothes isn't that much to ask is it?

Selfies are okay sometimes, but they can breed narcissism. Everyone is becoming so obsessed with themselves, and I think it can be very damaging.

ichiya, if a girl wants to have her ass hanging out then so be it. anybody and everybody has the capacity to control themselves and respect people. i dont see you saying a damned thing about guys who post pics of their muscles or at the gym. if a sister hit her brother, would you punish the brother? tell him that he shouldnt have been standing too close? its his fault? hell no. you reprimand the sister because she cant be a decent human being

At #50 there's a word for guys who only go to the gym to pose and make selfies of their abs. The word is douchenozzle.

Every time I hear someone say "selfie" it ain't a self taken photo that springs to mind.

erenjaeger 16

As someone who has dealt with creepers, street harassment, etc, I have to disagree with you, Ichiya. It doesn't have anything to do with the girls. It has to do with guys who think it's okay to disrespect girls. And they get away with it because of the stupid "boys will be boys" mentality. I don't wear short skirts, or short shorts. I agree girls don't need to take half-naked pictures, but it's not right to blame them for what guys do. Blaming girls only tells them they're inferior to men. Sorry for the little rant, but I've been blamed for men staring at my body because of things like wearing form-fitted shirts (hence why I only wear baggy clothes anymore), and it's a very hurtful thing. It also causes mental issues for teen girls, because that mentality drills into their brain that they should watch what they wear or they'll be **** shamed and crap if guys harass them. TL;DR- It's usually the guy's fault for harassment, not the girl's. Stop blaming the girls every time.

If it was an OCCASIONAL selfie... you wouldn't call it a selfie. That's a stupid made-up word to make people sound "hip".

Hey, that's just a reflection on how you've raised her.

Actually its more a reflection on how society has made it acceptable for children to not only murder a language but then flaunt it in the face of intelligent people of all ages.

If you think the attitude of a child/teenager is 100% on the parent, then I have news for you.

#5 If you honestly think that creating new words to describe something that didn't exist years ago is "murdering a language" then you clearly don't have a clue what language is and what it does. Language is alive. It constantly changes and evolves with the times. The English we speak today is different from the English that was spoken 200 years ago which is different from the English that was spoken 500 years before that. Every single word that we speak today was invented at some point. Some of the words that we consider "proper English" today were slang words used by teenagers only a few decades or centuries ago. TL:DR - kindly take that stick out your ass and stop berating teenage girls to make yourself look edgy and intelligent.

That may be so, but encouraging misspelling words, never typing words out completely, and taking a perfectly good word and changing the meaning to some inane drivel or into a slur of some kind is indeed murdering a language.

To be quite honest 19 I couldn't give any less ***** about being edgy or looking intelligent to a bunch of strangers on a website. I say what I think and voice my opinion avidly. If you want to have a different opinion then go ahead but coming onto a site and nittpicking every little thing anyone says shows a lot about your personality. I don't like the term selfie I think most of them are dangerous to be put out on social media sites. Does that mean I have every teenage girl? No. I just dislike some of their new trends.

Where did I nitpick? I just disagreed with you. I think that to say that teenagers are "murdering a language" is really simplistic because language changes all the time. The way we spell words and the meaning of words changes all the time. Hell, just look at the way "gay" was used 100 years ago versus how it's used now.

My point exactly we took a good word and made it a slur. that is murdering a language.

It is used as a slur by many people. The correct term is homosexual.

ShadowlessSpear 21

wait, ichiya, you told her to "not come on a site and nitpick everything everyone says" isnt that what YOURE doing?

If I call you a dumb waffle cake I'm using waffle cake as a slur. That doesn't make the word any less legitimate. Kindly go see your local doctor about the object lodged up your rectum.

For a second I thought it was gonna say "...because selfies are stupid" or something like that, but to my dissapiontment, this next generation still gonna suck.

Every generation sucks then. That is if you use the inane ramblings of several thousand preteens as a measuring stick for the success of a generation. Or did you forget that their parents were the ones who participated in woodstock.

Actually, you're a generation off. The grandparents of today's preteens were the ones at Woodstock.

Thanks for that. I don't know what possessed me to get that wrong.

PresidentNorth 16

Little man complex? You seem to just dislike teenagers of this generation. Well your attitude only encourages teens to do it more. People like you who shun everything a person does creates people who'll do it more avidly to get under your skin. Kind of how you put your biased opinion. Or well keep putting the same one down.

but sometimes they make you want to smash a brick into your face from sheer frustration.

if ur kid thinks that's the biggest thing to worry about, then trust me, u r in safe hands

I hate to be a dick..oh who am I kidding? Try typing the whole word. I know it is scary but it will make it much easier to understand.

Yo #14, this generation has some of the best writing skills because we write so much, even though we do it sloppily. Just thought I'd let you know that. You can go back to your "rawr this generation is horrible" rants now.

I never said anything about this generation being horrible so thanks for twisting my words arround.

43, almost every comment I see bf you is about how much this generation sucks, so, well, you know, it's a justified remark on his part.

The question is how old is too old for selfies? #howoldtooold

SnowKitten 14
SnowKitten 14

Wtf is wrong with people on here? They down vote for no reason at all, and I'm not just talking about my simple comment. I see lots of comments that are completely alright, yet lots of people vote down. Can those people even explain why they do it or is it because they saw another person already vote down for it? Seriously.

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Wahahahahaha i love your daughter