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Today, my grandfather told me that I was ugly. When my mom found out, she said that "old people are allowed to tell the truth". FML
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They are! FML is proof that old people get away with anything that they want to get away with.

summerguy97 16

Until someone snaps and you can't run away in time.


They are! FML is proof that old people get away with anything that they want to get away with.

Being old is gonna be so fun... You can **** with anyone and get away with it

summerguy97 16

Until someone snaps and you can't run away in time.

simplysarcastics 26

Lol i picture my old self picking at people then someone chasing me and i can hardly get away. or maybe i will be a quick non arthritic old lady. who knows. hey i have sore stiff joints now but still move fast. score!

Well if your mother thinks it's the truth, and agrees with your grandpa, and she told you, just tell her she must be old, since she's allowed to tell "the truth".

Ouch! Sorry but if they both agree there may be some truth to it

Truth to what? One person's ugly is another person's beauty. People have different tastes, is all.

So if you thought your daughter was ugly, you would say it? That's messed up.

Pleonasm: I honestly believe some people are just undeniably ugly. Sure, there's different tastes, and there are some supermodels that I personally think are uglier than most people I know, but when you see an obese person, who is as likely to be male as to be female, and you could swear has been through some horrible accident while they drool all over the place... I honestly believe that person is universally ugly. These people exist. Sorry. OP, I'm sure you look fine. Love yourself!

OP may be ugly, but EVERYONE has the choice to be nice.

47 - So you're saying that a person with a genetically-linked obesity that he can do nothing to control who has been in a debilitating accident and is struggling to enjoy life despite his misfortunes is universally ugly?

63- Hate to break it to you, cupcake, but yes. Morbidly obese people are universally ugly. Whether it be from genetics or overall laziness is irrelevant. Have you ever really fantasized about being underneath someone who was 300, 350, or hell, 400+ pounds and actually enjoying yourself? I know I haven't. Of course, there are those who take the term "chubby chaser" to another level, but seriously consider: would you really want to be found sexually – or even at all physically attractive solely because you happen to fall into someone else's fetish? Loving a person for their personality, however… that's a whole 'nother ballgame. Yes, you can ignore physical imperfections and see past the surface and discover a kind, intelligent, fascinating human being. That's only difficult if you let it. That's not the problem, here. It still doesn't change the fact that there's a noticeable list in a car's suspension when they sit their full weight in the seat. Granted, there are people who wear their weight well. A big girl can have a cute face and an even cuter smile, but there's still the overwhelming risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, hypoglycemia, amongst other fatal ailments that can be drastically lowered by walking a couple miles every day in addition to any physical exertion at her job. Now, before any of you go off on me, saying that people like me are what's wrong with society, "fat shaming", "You only like skinny bitches then?" and other social justice manure, I can't say no to a nice set of curves. My significant other is overweight. Not morbidly so, but it's enough to cause problems. We're BOTH taking long walks together, controlling our portions, watching yoga videos, and stretching every morning and evening. I know what her limits are, and we're both working together to get ourselves more fit, unlike some who would rather give up and lie to themselves, "That's just the way I am." Already, my honey has lost 40 pounds over the last year, including the weight she gained back over the last few months, and she LOVES the stamina to do more things she didn't have before. So, yes. You can love a fat person. Doesn't make them any less cumbersome or any more healthy, though.

That was the longest comment I've ever seen, #80.

Just look forward to all the trolling you can undertake when you are old!

That sucks OP. You're probably not that bad. It's all a matter of opinion.

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Not that bad, op thanks for your comfort

Old people just don't give a shit what they say 90% of the time

and for the remaining 10% of the time they REALLY don't give a shit.

clearly he has self esteem issues and is just bringing you down so he can feel better about him self. grandpa's are notorious for body image issues.

That explains my grandpa! He's only like that to me and my sister and my cousin. But he's nice to the other grand kids.

you're too pretty, I mean it's half your fault

Why are you so mad? Don't worry, I'll tell your grandpa to stop calling you ugly too...

Just say "well yeah, I got my looks from you".

I bet that would make her feel alot better, "Haa! grandpa I got my looks from you, *damn still ugly*"

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#11, that really doesn't work on old people. He has already reproduced and his offspring have reproduced. He's got proof positive that he was attractive enough to bang and the fruit of his loins was also ****-worthy. Not a good strategy for a snappy comeback.

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you don't have to be attractive to "bang" and have children....

Well, at least you now know the truth. But I am really sorry to hear that is the truth OP.

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Nice way to be sensitive, jerk... Have you ever seen OP? No, so shut up :)

If one person says you ugly shrug it off, if two people say it you might want to look in a mirror, if three people say it... Well you should start developing a "wonderful" personality. Take it from someone whose face looks like it lost a fight with a few shovels and backhoe.