By Anonymous - 03/02/2012 07:58 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to explain to my 18-year-old daughter why she can't pull a duck face pose for her driver's license. She still doesn't believe me. FML
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saIty 17

What a stupid move. She doesn't know how stupid that looks, and how when she gets pulled over she's going to have to make that quack face, which could make the cop go... Da fuq wrong with this chick?

I still don't understand why girls insist on pulling this face all the time! Surely they realise it looks ridiculous?


Shadow_Phantom 26

At least somebody's standing up to it... FYL.

wheresmyfood 0

Young generations these days

Tell her that's only for her slutty, drunk pictures that go on Facebook.

Next time I see a girl doing the duck face I'm gonna throw bread at her.

YDI for having a daughter.

#54 I'm intrigued, As I know left.

The only reason she would think this is if she gets everything she wants just by pulling the face to you guys... You are the one to blame op

77 - I'm pretty sure the only reason why he wants to do a duck face is because she thinks she'll look "good". The duck face isn't a face you pull to get what you want.. It's a face girls pull because they think it makes them look attractive.

Op have you considered having an abortion?

There is a cosmetic procedure that thins the cheeks. They remove the sack of fat from inside the cheeks to give your face a more thin look.

ThisIsMyReign 4

If she wants to do the duck face for her license. I wonder what she will do the O-face for. :D

Somehow i am agree with your point that girls do look attractive with dick face. But her licence is not to get any officer to attract towards her lol its for her identity as well :p

Which it doesn't btw 59, it makes them look ridiculous and very unattractive

jisaac09 25

@149: Mmmmm, loving me some girls doing the dick face.

saIty 17

What a stupid move. She doesn't know how stupid that looks, and how when she gets pulled over she's going to have to make that quack face, which could make the cop go... Da fuq wrong with this chick?

Not chick, duck.

...And that's why I say "let her do it!". She will regret it sooner or later, and you will be able to laugh your ass off, OP, while telling her "I told you it was stupid, dumbass"

Best lessons are the ones you learn on your own.

Not only with cops, but clubs, sex stores, buying tobacco products, and if she gets a credit card, everywhere else for the next 2 years. Oh and getting a job?

I don't know about the UK, but the DMVs where I live are super strict. Were someone to make a duck face or any kind of pose here, they'd be told to stop and the picture would get retaken. I always get told to take my glasses off, which is silly because I do always wear them. Sometimes they won't even let people smile.

Can I haz Salty Taters? (Grammar nazis FACK off.)

I agree. Its stupid looking. Just smile! Thats the facial expression we have all decided!

Let her learn the hard way.......... just wait your gonna see it in the paper. Today a Young girl was shot by dick Cheney. His defense was that he saw a duck and when he Had a clear shot he took it. 8)

I still don't understand why girls insist on pulling this face all the time! Surely they realise it looks ridiculous?

SpruceDread4578 13

I mean we do realize it, they may acknowledge it, but most of them are too stupid to realize how much we hate it.

It makes them go from hot to "Ugh, get the hell away from me, whore!" But that's just my opinion...

I have a theory behind this. I think that they believe it makes their face look skinnier. One day we might even see cosmetic operation that sinks in the cheeks.

And it's not a duck face, it's a fish face! I don't know where or when it started being called duck face. We used to make that face when we were kid. We also pulled from the sides of our mouth and stuck our tongues out.

It's not a duck face or a fish face. It makes them look like a toilet plunger.

you'd think so, wouldn't you? :)

Not ALL girls do the duck face. Like me, I absolutely hate it, it annoying the fuck out of me.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Do I haz duck face? :3

Marcella1016 31

196 I think all your thumbs down give you your answer lol

chubby_choco 17

>_> I'm a girl, and I don't do the duck face. Watch those generalizations; some of us still know how ridiculous it looks. And OP, I'm sorry your daughter is so...well...stupid. FYL.

the fish face & the duck face are two different things. ?

Buttsexpirate 9

Argh! Children these days make me worry about thee future. Argh!

Serious time: women need to understand that duckface IS NOT HOT!!!

titan87 0

Sigh sometimes a 1/4 of the population should have never been allowed to grace this green earth.... Owell there here now

These more new generations are more dumb then a damned dog. I swear nothin good will come out of them, and the women are the stupidest of all! While the guy kids are immature. Worlds going hell.

justlikeme79 9

Um, fuck you.

Maybe if "Adults these days" did a better job raising the children, you wouldn't have anything to be worried about.

205, maybe if the KIDS these days took responsibilities for their actions instead of blaming everything on everybody or everything else.

thecookielovrxx 8

218- Bro, calm your tits! I am pretty sure EVERYONE has done this.

I like how you're saying this yet your name is buttsexpirate and your picture's a butt

that1skaterxX 0

She a facebook addict

Where does it say that she's. a facebook addict?

What the hell are you talking about Facebook!! No where in this FML did it say anything about Facebook

I think he was making the reference because SO MANY dumb chicks take stupid pics, pulling stupid faces and post them on their fb.

33 and 36 aren't the brightest bulbs, apparently.

macie1234 0

Haha that's funny I'm 15 and I already no that !

165, how does that have anything to do with your age?

159 or sharpest tools in the play pen

soleen_fml 0

Your picture is sexy;)

iluvyous143 0

Ur hott

This is why I'm scared for the future.

Colonel_Lexi 18

The future is wonderful! We have good artist such as Justin Beib-wait...umm, there's Rebecca Bla-dammit. Uh...Lady Ga-....Katy Per-...How about, the future sucks. ._.

yea i should be more scared, i grew up with these kids. FML


SpruceDread4578 13

You missed a "ha".

btstig 11

No I think it was an "aha".

I'm sure we can all agree that her comment is retarded for this FML, however, I couldn't help but notice that it matches her picture perfectly...

Both being retarded?

private1111 0

Did she try it?

PYLrulz 17

I am always tempted to yell "QUACK QUACK!" every time I see someone do that

I always do that. But with a small 'quack.'.