By MusicLover18 - 03/09/2014 23:35 - Canada - Leduc

Today, I caught my little sister taking a selfie in the mirror with a fake nose piercing, peace sign, and a duck face. She's 12. FML
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Should have thrown breadcrumbs at her, she was pretending to be duck

I think it's time for a very long conversation with your sister... Good luck OP!


tony1891 22

kids these days. wish i had it that good when i was 12

1, If you weren't doing that crap, you DID have it good.

1, I'm guessing that you're still around 12.

gjikvtj 18

Nuh uh! I'm 12 and a half!

Wrong post...

You think this a good a thing? I myself am around 12, and I think those who duck-face are ridiculous.

Exactly. I actually am 12 years old and the duck face is just unattractive and too weird to look at.

#1 wow i cant believe someone is actually wishing for this:(

I'm 12 and have a nose piercing. But duck faces are ridicules.

Guys, this website is not intended for young children.. It has mature content that not appropriate for kids. Do your parents know you're on this site? Please, stay young and don't grow up too fast. You have your whole life ahead of you!!

I think it's time for a very long conversation with your sister... Good luck OP!

Well can't blame OP's sister directly what if her/his sister saw OP doing it and gave it a try? So I'm going to go with ydi and fyl just to be sure

44 - so your blaming OP "just in case" when theres no proof whatsoever? thats ******

Very long conversation: "duckface makes you look like a moron. Nose piercings are fine when you're grown. You're not grown, you're 12. Be a kid." The end.

#54 she's 12 not like she's surfing on the net all day to learn how to take a selfie or pose duck faces, she has to learn from somewhere, do you have any proof to say that OP didn't do any of that even once?

#66 do we lock people in prison because there is no proof of them not killing someone?

Well thats why cops do something called "investigation" and take statements from everyone who were present at that particular area/event to rule out if they're innocent or not if you're a person of interest no matter if you're innocent or not they'll put you under surveillance and sometimes even arrest/warn temporarily cuz he's a person of interest, so what I did was I "assumed" i didnt "blame or point OP directly" OP's 12 year old sister might've seen OP taking a selfie.. if his/her lil sister saw OP doing it then it's a "YDI" else it's a "FML" that's what I meant.. #72 next time when you make a point least pick something you can defend, that one was a poor choice even a 2yo can come up with a good reply for that. Have a nice day :p

Kids these days surf the web A LOT. Most likely OPs sister learned it there.

Still there's a possibility? Even 1% of possibility :P all of you people are acting like you guys know OP personally and figured him/her out 100% with a single fml post.

Hey #44 OP here, my little sis definitely DID NOT learn the duck face and selfie thing from me. I don't roll that way.

#66 OP here, #54 might not have proof but sure do. I've never taken a serious selfie with the duckface ever. I've only done it jokingly to cheer up people I know.

Should have thrown breadcrumbs at her, she was pretending to be duck

Your parents should teach her better while she's young before she's out of control when she grows up.

MichellinMan 20

"Out of control" do you really think that some dumb picture with a fake nose piercing means anything? That's like saying if you put on those fake tattoos as a kid it would mean you'd have tattoos all over when you're older.

Lil_Red777 21

Hey I had fake tattoos as a kid and now I have tattoos all over. So yeah it could happen lol.

#30 its not the picture or the piercing, its the principle, if you have fake tattoos its fairly innocent however a fake piercing and taking pictures like that, well its not so innocent, its shows a number of problems; pier pressure, early stages of delinquency ect. And don't say "it's just a picture" if it was just a picture she wouldn't have the piercing

Because all people that have nose rings are out of control drug users that kill babies for fun. Stop being melodramatic.

Fake piercings lead to delinquency? Don't you think you might be stereotyping? Also, it's not peer pressure, it's a fad. I'm sure you did things that were trendy when you were young. Duckface, however, is a particularly dumb one.

These damn piers, pressuring people into things.

Here i am thinking that the ridiculous duck face trend has finally died

Everyone does stupid shit as a tween/teen. She'll look back at this and cringe don't worry.

anormalperson 25

Well..not exactly everyone.

So what's the excuses of all the retards in their 20s and even 30s doing this stupid shit?

katydid91 31

I hate to be a bother but could please not use the word "Retards" to describe people you think are acting dumb. I work with pre-schoolers who are non-verbal and have autism and it just makes me cringe to hear/see a person using such an offensive term to describe stupidity, especially considering you have the ability to speak and use words to express your thoughts. Thank you!

75, there's a difference between doing stupid shit and just being a stupid person in general. They are just stupid.

89, start a movement for people to switch to "dumbass" instead

The twelvies are taking over the world...

The only reason i didnt dislike is because of the picture that matches the comment

Put a garbage can on her to show how trashy she is

that's one sizzling burn

This is surprising, how? Seems pretty harmless to me. At least she wasn't stripping for a webcam or snapping a selfie of herself taking drugs. Neither FYL or YDI for me.

wow 12 year olds now a days are like 16 year olds

killerdana 19

It's always been like that. Most pre teens try to act older than they are

ostfaiz 18

12=16 never learnt these ****** theorems!!