Say it ain't so

By loserwithlice - 26/07/2009 18:58 - United States

Today, I told my 8 year-old daughter that she looks a lot like mommy. Now she won't come out of her room because she thinks she's ugly. FML
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She probably is upset cuz your older than 20 years old not cuz you're ugly.


That's so sad! She'll come around eventually, though.

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Her mom probably is ugly. Anyway, YDI for marrying an ugly woman.

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She's a woman. What IS this, "The Baby Formula"?

YDI for being such an ugly piece of shit

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Wow a little concieted... and why exaclty would a 8 year old need to know shes pretty I dont think shes going to the prom lol.

looks like we need Abe Lincoln to have a stern talk with the daughter.

sweetie piee she wasnt trying to tell her she was pretty she was just saying you have the features of your mom and the daughter took it as in being ugly like mom,,, people have always told me i looked like my dad i never took as i look like a 50 yr old man

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8 is a sensitive age. Most girls that age have dreams of being princesses and pretty and the such.

madzi that the dude from deathnote in ur pic?

ya the Dude at the end I think his name was Mel I don't remember it was about a Month ago

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Yeah his name is Mello, he's one of L's successors

YDI for living in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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YDI for not knowing that "alot" is not a word.

@3: LMAO!! My god it's nice to have some decent, funny trolling!! We've had to put up with morons like jandersonii and M13LO for a while now, so this was a breath of fresh air. "YDI for living in the Milky Way"... if you don't mind, I may just have to steal that and use that in a conversation some time.

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I HATE when people type a lot like that -_-

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I third that. But I can actually understand the way the kid thinks in this one, unfortunately. :/

10 - just because i was one doesn't mean i have to like everyone else's psychotic miniature shitheads.

What the hell, not all kids are annoying. just the bratty ones. don't be so quick to judge. frankly, you piss me off with your comment.

It's better to be pissed OFF, rather than pissed ON.

Not if you have some weird fetish... Then you'd rather be pissed on !:)

well even if a kid thinks your ugly, you don't have much of a chance

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i guess she thought she was robert paulson.

She probably is upset cuz your older than 20 years old not cuz you're ugly.

Oh dear that is so sad!! I thought all kids thought their mum looked nice though... FYL, definitely!

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When I was little my mother told me I looked like her. I was mortified. I never thought my mother was pretty, but now at 50, she's looking pretty good. Don't worry, OP, she'll come around. =D

wow, i would probably tell her "your really hurting my feelings. i guess you dont care about how i feel." make that little bitch feel horrible.

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kids don't give a damn about how anyone else feels.