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Today, my 16-year-old daughter burned all her baby photos because they were unflattering and made her "look fat". FML
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That's terrible! I hope you have some of them digitally backed up because in the future there won't be a lot of childhood photos she can look upon!


That's terrible! I hope you have some of them digitally backed up because in the future there won't be a lot of childhood photos she can look upon!

16 years ago was when digital photography was coming out but still not as popluar has film. OP, if you have the film you can get them reprinted. But your daughter is one ungrateful girl! She will regret what she did one day.

Is there any way that she might have an eating disorder or body image issue? That's just the first thing that popped into my head... If so, treat it seriously and get her help.

I went through a phase like this in high school. My baby pictures didn't bother me, but I hated everything taken from third until sixth grade because I looked dorky and ugly. I didn't burn anything, just hid them.

To play the Devil's Advocate: Technically they were pictures of her and she should have the right to decide what is done with her image. But, if she hated the pictures that much, then there are deeper issues at hand.

21 - A lot of people scan them to preserve them digitally. I forced my family to do that and then I went through and corrected them all in Photoshop (a hard, year long project). I do agree this is awful and she will regret it for the rest of her life.

79- Year long project? My parents and I dedicated something redicules like 4.5 years doing the same thing. Regretably (sp), My father then went through every folder and took every picture of me sticking out my tounge or making funny faces (I am an only child and there are alot of them) and burned them to a disc and gave it to every relative, cunning bastard.

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@61 they were pictures her parents paid for. Sorry but she had no right to burn those.

I don't think what she did was right, I was merely saying that on the other hand they were pictures of her and she should have some say in what was done with them. However, burning them and hurting her mother was not okay. If she had a problem, then she should have done what I did as a child and put the embarrassing ones in a box and told my mom I didn't want them being shared with the family.

I would have kicked her ass into next week!

I would have kicked her ass into next week!

61, I'm a professional photographer. While the pictures are of OP's daughter, they belong to OP. By law, anyone under 18 must have their guardian/parent sign a release form to the photographer, in order to share the pictures, unless the guardian/parent is the one taking the pictures. Therefore, OP legally owns and determines what is done with their pictures, while OP's daughter has zero rights. Unless OP's daughter took her own baby pics (I don't see how that is plausible sixteen years ago or even now) then OP's daughter had no right in what she did.

#122 On top of that, technically your parents legally have control over everything that is yours until you are a legal adult. You could work a job at 16 years of age, save up to buy a car, and legally your parents can take it from you and sell it if they chose to. All this to say that even if OP's daughter somehow took her own baby pictures she still has no right to burn them.

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Silly girl!! Babies are supposed to be fat, round and chubby. That's why they call it "baby fat".

... they need it to grow. All babies have it. I just hope OP had some stashed away.

Wait, are you talking about the pictures or the fat?

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my son had no baby fat through a combination of being premature and the inneptitude of the staff to recognise not everyone can breastfeed. even though he was well and grew really quick i always felt a little sad that he has no chubby baby photos.

#13: The baby fat, for the first bit. I hope OP had some old pictures of her daughter stashed away somewhere else. Would be awful to lose all of the pictures in one go.

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And then this is when a good old fashion spanking comes to mind.

Nah, just take her phone, internet, and car keys away for a week or three.

I think the first option works better, the second doesn't teach much.

Actually it's been proven spanking is ineffective and generally causes kids to rebel more

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Who has proven that? Every bratty 14 year old that's never been spanked cites the study, but I can't find it.

I was spanked as a child and I'm a fully functioning, disciplined adult. I believe in it fully.

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I was spanked as a child and I'm perfectly fine.

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Same here. But 16 is too old to spank. If you're going to do it, it needs to happen during the younger years. After 10 or so, spanking is just not effective.

My mom spanked me on my 21st birthday. Broke the spoon, too. Some children dont learn from being spanked as a child. My husband is terrified of her now and behaves very well at her house. Sometimes you snap the other kids inline by showing them that you are serous. And you know what, I will never swear in her house again.

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I agree! Spanking works better than time out or taking thinks away. Put a little fear into them of what will happen. It straightens their butts out. And the people that spout off that it's child abuse needs a good old fashion ass whooping as well. That's how my kids are being raised. Also on a side note, I am 30 and my mom makes it quite clear I am not too old to get my ass tore up haha.

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@50 that's so untrue. I got spanked and learned my lesson the first damn time instead of doing it again. Unlike the kids that only get warnings. Now that's ineffective and makes kids think it's ok to misbehave since nothing will happen to them.

I don't think she needs to be disciplined. Am I the only one who thinks she should be able to do as she pleases with pictures of herself? Those pictures embarrassed her. Somehow I get the feeling that if she was a adult people would have less of a problem with it.

I was spanked as a kid and I learned my lesson young... theirs a difference between discipline and scolding... discipline her!!!

I was spanked but I still think it's better to discipline your child in other ways. but whatever works for the parents then cool beans

I was spanked as a kid and I'm fine. That said, it was probably the least effective form of discipline ever, the last thing it made me want to do was behave. Grounding on the other could get me to do anything if you threatened to ground me.

When I was young and my parents spanked me that easily got the point across since while I could go without any electronics, spanking was a more effective tool for persuasion

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I would be spanked as a kid but it never taught me anything. i was an odd child and i would laugh. getting slapped across the face however was a different story.

Here is why I am against spanking: I was never spanked as a child, but I did my best to please my parents, and if I screwed up and made a mistake (usually, children aren't evil, they make mistakes) my parents would talk sternly be disappointed, which I think is punishment enough. Also, if you really need to be hit to understand that you should behave well, or given treats for good grades, then it should say something about you. If you act a certain way only because of consequences (punishments/rewards) instead of, for example, the drive to make the world better, then I feel sorry for you. Sorry your daughter did this OP, she seems troubled, and I hope you find a way to help her.

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It doesn't work that way with all kids.Talking sternly to and acting disappointed sometimes makes the kids worse because they can get away with it and just get a "talking to." If talking works with your kids then that's great;if not,tear their ass up.No need to feel sorry for those of us that were "hit" I'm sure we all turned out just fine.

I think you misunderstood what said, because I meant I'm sorry people need that kind of motivation to do good deeds. Whether you "turned out fine" is not what is in question. People can turn out either way, and sometimes nature beats nurture.

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Your daughter has extreme self esteem issues. Perhaps you should be talking to a counselor instead of us... Although we answer all of lifes problems on here.

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*looks at your baby photos* Nope, sorry. I can't date somebody who was a fat baby.

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But, but, but... My momma said I was cute!

I can't imagine how devastated you must be! maybe send a quick email to everyone who may have any pictures from back then.( friends, family, grandparents etc) I know it won't be the same but better to have some than none :) Good luck

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and post them of facebook, so they'll be around FOR EVER!

My mom did this. I am glad she did. Even the one of me crying, screaming my head off while standing in a dresser drawer refusing to put on underwear.(everything is covered) A little embarrassing but it is one of my favs... now.