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By single pringle - 05/11/2014 01:16 - United States - Morristown

Today, my boyfriend came home from college for the first time in weeks just to visit me. I was so excited that I spent two hours getting ready. Turns out he was only coming back to dump me. Now I'm single and out of foundation. FML
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Now is the time to go shopping for a new boyfriend and some more make up.

chill99 15

No problem, both are easy to replace.


Now is the time to go shopping for a new boyfriend and some more make up.

THIS^^ So. Much. Get some fresh, fabulous foundation; and flaunt your fantastically female physique!

you're already dressed for attention. show him what he's missing

chill99 15

No problem, both are easy to replace.

I don't know about that. I have seen women disappear into a make up department and never return.

erenjaeger 16

Not always. Makeup can be so expensive. Especially if you like a certain brand. Me personally, I like Kat Von D's brand makeup from Sephora. I think the cheapest is $18, but that's just eyeliner.

cjwayy 22

#13 I LOVE Kat Von D. Her makeup and Urban Decay are my favorite brands. Unfortunately, they're ridiculously expensive.

skittyskatbrat 19

#6, they returned, you just didn't recognize them ;)

sonasonic 34

Make a fake Facebook account and "console" him..... that'll show that douche! Millions of men better than him, you just gotta look, OP!

Meowdisen 15

I honestly don't know what you think doing this will accomplish?? I just.. Ok.

You must think to yourself, 'Hey, what would an idiot say?'. And this comment is the result.

I think it was an attempt to reference another fml.

I'm sorry OP! Go buy chocolate as well as new make up. Both are easily as better than your ex Bf.

andersonj219 5

Good riddance to the bf!! The foundation on the other hand..... That's something to be upset about! Hell, I'm angry FOR you, that he caused you to run out of foundation!

Chocolate, movies and ice cream are your friends! And don't forget; it's okay to cry. Everything will be okay :) also; now you can use the money you would've spend on a Christmas present for him, on new foundation :) you deserve better than him. xoxo

why is everyone saying she deserves better than him and what a douche? we dont even know what happened. maybe they grew apart. or he just fell out of love. is he still a douche?

I didnt say he's a douche. & Personally, I'd rather get dumped by text message, than spending two hours to get ready and hoping to have an awesome time, to get dumped the moment he sees me. Maybe OP feels the same way, idk

Well you did say she deserved better, and by "everyone" I'm pretty sure she wasn't just talking about you.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Well, at least he had the nerve to come and say it to her in person. Dumping someone via text message is one of the shittiest things someone can.

At least you are looking fabulous. He will certainly regret it when he sees you smile while holding another guys hand.

At least he had the decency to do it in person and not by phone, text message or facebook. Have you read some of the nasty ways people break up on here.

bigmike25 11

Yeah and did you read the FML's where the bf tried to break up with his gf and she sent her sister over to kick his ass and reconsider the break-up? Face to face is not always going to end well for most people -__- Thats probably one of the reasons why people do it by text, Facebook, etc.

And what makes you think the ex wouldn't have still sent her sister over to kick his ass if the break up was done by FB, text?

bigmike25 11

#61 I am just saying that face to face does not always work because most people will be immature about it or cause bodily harm -_- Duh.

#61 Media breakups won't completely prevent that. With any breakup there's always a risk of it biting you in the ass. Durrr dur duh....

This has nothing to do with being immature. Being broken up with is hurtful. Especially when you yourself are blind to the flaws your partner sees in the relationship. People, when deeply hurt, tend to lash out to the person causing the pain, it's a natural reaction. What do you think a mature reaction would be? "Really, you're breaking up with me? Ok, cool, see ya!"? Still, if you are going to hurt a person who loves and trusts you, the least you can do is to own up to the responsibility and do it in person. If it was anything more than a one night stand they deserve to be dumped respectfully.

Break ups are difficult but credit, at least he did it in person?

It doesn't matter how a guy does it, he's still a jerk. That being said,it may be for the best , and you will probably be happier in the long run.

The boyfriend isn't necessary a jerk. He may have had valid reasons for breaking up-- for instance, he was too busy with college, or the long distance thing was too much, or he no longer had feelings for OP. It sucks for OP, but it doesn't mean the boyfriend's a jerk. You're allowed to break up with people. The fact that he did it in person kind of shows he might not be.

I guess you missed the sarcasm . Usually people blame the person who breaks up with the other person unless they cheat or do something drastic. I actually don't think he's a jerk but well never know. He could have been cheating with a girl in college or just , like you said , be busy .

#37 Sarcasm doesn't translate well over text.

Really ? Just playing ! Like I've said before they need a font or a button that can translate emotion better through non vocal media.... Oh well.

So next time he should stay with her even if he knows he should break up, or if she is the one that wants to break up she shouldn't because she will be a jerk? Solid logic there...

ChildrenOfFilth 12

2 good things. 1. He did it in person. 2. You're now already dressed and everything to go out and find a new guy.

muis545 21

one problem.. OP isn't emotionally ready I'd assume to find a new guy after that.

bigmike25 11

3. Breaking up face to face does not always end well. There, I fixed the comment.

#56 trying to excuse some behaviour in your past?

bigmike25 11

#62 you are slow as hell because I have heard stories where if a person is breaking up with their spouse face to face sometimes the person that gets dumped causes bodily harm or does some immature shit. It does happen. So, people that scream breaking up face to face is the greatest option and nothing bad is going to happen are stupid.

You call yourself "BigMike" yet you try to justify breaking up via text by the possibility of suffering bodily harm. So, tell me, do you beat up partners who dump you in person, or is the word "big" in your username sarcasm?

76 - i feel bad for your previous partners

bigmike25 11

#83 don't try to turn the tables on me and I don't go around beating people up. If I did I would not be chatting on the phone because I would be in prison.

Sorry, "Big" Mike. Own up or shut up. You set yourself up for the backlash.

Face to face break ups are the most mature way to do the deed. If the partner gets upset and attacks you it means they are immature.

Well, yes I AM turning the tables on you, because those tables SHOULD be turned. So, BigMike, since you aren't the person beating others up, I have to go with you being the guy who is scared of his girlfriend.