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Today, I left for college. I spent hundreds of dollars on clothes, bedding and other things. After packing my entire closet and everything else I needed, I left only to have to head back home. My dad forgot to pay the first semesters tuition. He said "Oh well, you would have failed out anyway." FML
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That's... awful. You'll find a way to make it work, though, if you really want to.

thats just sad how your dad doesn't have faith in you lmfaoo


Congratulations, the biggest accomplishment you'll ever have =]

probably so if they werent first they maybe wouldnt get yelled at..but thats how its supposed to happen. anywayyyyy OP, hey that does suck. maybe you can talk to professors or admissions? im kind of in the same situation except i go to school 3000 miles from where i live and its my LAST semester. now bc my lease shouldve been ending when i was finishing school and i dont think ill be let in these classes im paying rent to live across the country for no reason, oh life :[

thats just sad how your dad doesn't have faith in you lmfaoo

That's... awful. You'll find a way to make it work, though, if you really want to.

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OP didn't try hard enough to make it work. =[ He would be enrolled in classes if he had checked and double checked that his dad had paid for his tuition, or gone online and paid the bill himself. You're not a kid anymore, OP. Too bad you learned the hard way that your daddy isn't going to do anything and everything for you.

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I agree also. I had to pay my tuituion by taking out huge loand and working on campus. Too bad you learned the hard way that you are on your own. Daddy isn't going to take care of little princess anymore. YDI for also spending that much money on wants instead of needs. When I was going to college, bedding and clothing wasn't on my shopping list. Classes were. They are EXPENSIVE

Shittt. He should of warned you before you spent that money. Let's hope you kept your tags. P.s. Fyl ):

oooo.... that scary. i'm leaving for college tommorow. i think i would throttle my parents if they did that.

Then why don't you go ahead and check your account balance, see if its paid? Or better yet, pay it with your own damn money like those of us who actually value our education.

well maybe if you were going to a $50,000 year school sure, you would have help, but otherwise semester by semester at a state school is totally affordable, especially if you have "hundreds of dollars" to spend on clothes and crap. Maybe try more frequent communication with Dad instead of just expecting him to do stuff you're totally mature enough to do yourself and let him get on with his own life. Grow Up. But yes, if it's true, that is a pretty dick thing to say to you.

#43 not all of us have fifty grand of loose change buddy. I sure as hell don't.

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at least now you've learned that in the future you'll check if your dad keeps his promises and duties.

F your life? What about those of us whose parents won't consider paying a dime for our college, or those whose parents have made us pay our way since we were 9 years old because we were 'almost 10 now'? F our lives (F my life). Spoiled brat.

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Hello. I don't want to start an argument in the comment section, but, you have looked at the situation all too wrong. The part where 'fmylife' comes in is the fact that his father led him to believe that he was ready to go for college. Maybe if his father had told him in advance that his tuition was not paid for.. he would not have had to submit this posting.. and would have had time to get a student loan or financial aid so he could still attend. Not go their and turn around and come back. I hope I have changed your opinion..

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This is exactly what I was thinking. I pay my tuition entirely, and jesus, even if I didn't I'd sure as hell kno when it was due. It's pretty immature to think you can just go skipping into the big wide world while your parents take care of all the scary parts. YDI totally. You would have caught your dad's lack of support quick enough to do something about if you had just kept track of your own shit.

But why is that a big enough deal to post it here? He needs to recognize that he has parents that would have paid for him, they just 'forgot'. Spoiled, still.

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That's rather irrelevant though..

I still think it's extreme to say "**** my life" just because your father forgot to pay your tuition, when he was planning to pay for it in the first place. A bit over dramatic for an honest mistake. Plus, like IronBird said, the least he could have done is stayed on top of things and made sure his dad paid it on time. Totally the kid's fault.

Can't believe you think someone is 'spoiled' because their parents pay for their tuition. Yeah some people have to work their asses off to pay for school themselves but that doesn't mean that all the rest are spoiled. My dad worked his ass off to make sure me and my sister went to college. They paid the tuition but I worked all thru school to pay for everything else. Rent/books/food. Seems working your way thru college didn't teach you any compasion or empathy, just made you bitter. If my dad couldn't afford it I wouldn't be crying FML. If he forgot to pay it, then I packed and drove to school only to find out I wasnt enrolled then yeah FML.

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What's irrelevant? That this kid should have been responsible for important dates in his own life? Because I think that's completely the issue at hand here.

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To #25- It's less about who paid for it and more about the fact that, being the OP's education, it was at the very least his responsibility to check on these matters well ahead of time. I can't imagine not having several discussions about this sort of thing including specific dates well before moving day.

miyon: He's spoiled because he's whining about it.

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Trust me, if it's your future and a good chunk of your parents' money, you should definitely be paying attention. It's not about mistrust, it's about responsibility.

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The OP did not say anything about missing a deadline. The fact is his father told him that everything was paid for. And it wasn't. Some people are soo damn stubborn it's literally jaw dropping I can't believe how negative and ignorant people are. Shocking.

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I think you're the first person to bring negativity. I was just stating paying attention the the payment part of the college process is really a responsibility issue, certainly moreso than buying clothes and dorm acessories. Hey, maybe that's just me. Guess that's my ignorance, that I would expect of others what I'd expect from myself.

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I believe I meant negativity to the OP, cause the situation does in fact suck.. and thats what this website is about! Telling him that it's his fault.. definitely falls under negativity...

don't come onto this ******* website if you don't want to see people whining.

Intelligent, beautiful and up this late on the internet of all places... those four things have never before been attributed to one person. Therefore, you can't be real.

And that's why they call it Real Life™

The issue with calling him out on not checking his financial status is that it's an argument after the fact when hindsight is 20/20. Sure it is easy to say that he should have done this, but if you think about it, if he was operating under the assumption that it was being handled for him and he trusted that person to handle it, it becomes easier to understand why he didn't. Now, that doesn't EXCUSE him not looking into it, but it certainly mitigates it quite a bit.

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I completely agree with fMYYYlife. This site is becoming infested with noobs. Okay if you don't want to hear whining than go to MYLIFEISG you will be much happier there! After reading a couple of these fmls you will realize that not all the stories are real, or in fact a **** YOUR LIFE type of ordeal. Most are a **** my life at the moment. And I agree with miyon. You both sound bitter. Believe it or not some peoples parents pay for their school. If the parents offer how is that spoiled? If could afford to put my kid in college when the time comes you can bet I would. Lets not whine about people that may or may not have it easier. And I guess you missed the last part of the fml where the dad said "oh well you would have failed out anyway". That's one of the worst feelings to know that your parent doesn't even believe in you.

Spoiled? My dad is offering to pay for my college but that doesn't make me spoiled, I'm paying for everything else. And so was the OP, obviously. The fact if our parents have jobs and we're in education so we can't have a good job yet, if they can't afford it or choose not to I guess you'll have to earn it yourself for ages, but if they offer and want to (and can afford it) I think it's okay. Besides don't compare your life to the OP's, there are so many people much worse off, this is just supposed to be a fun website :) so relax, okay?

Oh. Well. I kind of thought the FML part, besides going through the trouble for naught, was that his dad had no faith in his ability. I find it strange how only sexymessy pointed that out. You're all so caught up in "well he should be responsible/he's a spoiled brat" you failed to realize that there IS fail parenting afoot. And my parents are putting me through college too. They FORCED me into it. I am far from spoiled. :I (I mean, I was going anyway, but there was of course the money issue... but when I brought it up, my father just accused me of just being a lazy bitch trying to weasel out of life... ahah...)

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So your father must already view you as a failure then? YDI for trying to go to college.