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Today, I got a call from the Sheriff's dept. saying that water was coming out my front door. I ran home to find a waterfall cascading over my covered parking. It turns out my puppy had chewed through the hose that connects the toilet to the water. My entire condo had an inch of standing water. FML
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By  Dmoira  |  0

YDI. Why a puppy had free range of any room in your house is beyond me but you totally deserve your water. Crate training: not just for the intelligent.

By  capthavoc123  |  0


I have never seen, read about, or heard of any sort of indoor plumbing using anything but pipes. So either your puppy is secretly Krypto the Superdog, or you, like your toilet, are full of shit.

  TheNeckbeard  |  0

To #1: Don't be an idiot. There are plenty of non-metalic toilet supply hoses, here's one I found in 30 seconds of Google-Fu:

To the OP: New puppy is like a new baby-you have to proof your house against them. For chewing on stuff, get the stuff used to stop nail-biting, and smear it on chair legs/lower half of cabinet doors/water hoses etc.

  AugustBlue  |  0

Sorry to hear that. You could also go to a pet store and get this spray that's either sour apple or sour grape. When you go to spray something you don't want the puppy to chew, make the puppy watch you spray it, and then spray it right in it's mouth. It doesn't harm the puppy, I promise, but it's such a nasty taste that it will most likely stop chewing. You might need to do it a couple more times, but it does work. :)

  Mirequetz  |  6

Gonna agree with the fake, either that or you're a complete moron. You either left the bathroom door open (which you never do when you leave an animal in the house) or you left your puppy alone without supervision (which means that you shouldn't have a puppy, they need constant supervision).

And don't come at me with "not everyone can afford dog daycare", if you can't afford to properly look after a puppy, you shouldn't have one in the first place.


By  FMLable  |  0

get yourself a pussy, they're far less trouble and much more satisfying : D

Edit: 2nd? That's pretty cool. (Please don't yell. I actually have a comment to go with it : p)

  blalien  |  0

Still doesn't make it any less annoying. Seriously, go play an MMORPG if you don't gain any sense of accomplishment out of life.

And yeah, a crate seems pretty inexpensive by comparison, doesn't it?

  Leptailurus  |  0


Crate training is the best thing to do if you've got an inside dog that you plan to leave alone in the house for any amount of time. It's not cruel, either (as long as the puppy isn't locked in the crate like 15 hours a day). I crated my dogs at night just to be safe since I'm a heavy sleeper. I'd just say, "Time for bed!" and they'd go running with a chew toy of their choice into their crate, they loved it!

YDI, OP. If you had even glanced at a puppy book before obtaining that puppy, you would have known that you crate train dogs for their safety and your sanity.

  vanilla__bear  |  0

Absolutely! You just have to train the puppy properly so it doesn't hate it. My dog loves her crate - it's her little safe haven that she runs to when she's scared (like when she hears bath water) and she runs into it when I say "go to bed!". When she was little I just started out putting plain Cheerios in the crate so she would go in voluntarily and I let her get used to it before I even shut the door. Now I still give her a treat every time I put her in it. It can be a long process, but then again you shouldn't be leaving a brand new puppy home alone for any length of time, so you'd have time for it, wouldn't you OP?

By  moonlight_daze  |  8

Your dog is awesome. Destruction FTW! :D

(My cat chews on the wires to my portable CD player and not only does it never break but I never even notice any teeth marks. I’ve learned to just let it be.)

By  Dmoira  |  0

YDI. Why a puppy had free range of any room in your house is beyond me but you totally deserve your water. Crate training: not just for the intelligent.