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By Rex - 16/09/2017 16:15 - United States - Camden

Today, I started at a new college. I bought my textbooks and went to my first class only to find out that they changed my schedule without telling me. I'd already opened the book. I could not get $200 back. FML
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Average New Jersey tuition: $15,355. Useless textbook: $200. Joy of getting an FML published: priceless. And $15,555.

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Take this as an opportunity! You can now be the expert on whatever that textbook is about! ?

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Average New Jersey tuition: $15,355. Useless textbook: $200. Joy of getting an FML published: priceless. And $15,555.

Learned that lesson myself a couple years ago. Tip: don't open them until after the first week because you may not even need them if the instructor doesn't have control over the booklist, but has control over the class.

cash4books (dot net) that should help

It could have been worse $200 for a textbook to get the code to go into the chatroom and never use the textbook

What college changes your schedule for you? That in itself is bizarre

Pro tip: Always try to have your book by the second class (for obvious reasons) but if it's shrinkwrapped or something, don't open it until classes begin.

As a college staff member and alumni, NEVER open your book until the first day of class. Sometimes teachers let you buy an older version of the book, or sometimes, they use their own powerpoints. I've even seen it where the student needed an access code that only comes bundled. Now they have two books and they can't sell either without the access code.

You can sell it on campus for even $10 off because there will be at least one person who won't mind the discount and if so, do not sell it for less than that since there will be a negotiation. Now if you are not tight on money and will be taking the course another semester, you can just keep the textbook until then. With college, never buy textbooks until after the first lecture because what happened to you can happen again, and there are times when a new edition is released and your course requires you to have the latest edition.