By FATS DOMINO - United States
Today, my sister finally broke down and told me that our dad gambled away of all my college savings, and I would have to pay for school the best way I can. They have known for months, and when I asked why nobody told me, the reply was, "You're a college boy, we thought you would figure it out." FML
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  Anai08  |  17

Even if the money wasn't accumulated by OP but by his parents, it's still horrible his dad wasted it. Your parents helping you with college is not something that signals a lack of responsibility in someone. School after high school can get really expensive, and if it was always OP's understanding that his parents would help, why would he have been irresponsible for not making arrangement to pay it all himself?

Working and going to school is hard. Not by any means impossible, but definitely harder. It's always nice when you can just focus on your actual school work and not have one more thing to worry about.


80-If you are under 18 when you make the account yes your parents would have to co-sign. It doesn't say OP is already in college, it sounds more like they are about to enter college hint the reason why OP is just now finding out. Yes, I saved for college from when I was 16 and so did both of my brothers and we all had our parents as co-signers. My little brother still has my dad as a co-signer and he is 19 already in college. Why would it be a big deal if you trust your parents? Either way, OP's father shouldn't have gambled the money away. I have a son and I will do everything I can to make sure he has the best in life even if that means sacrificing and paying for his college, that's my responsibility if I want to give him the best start I can in life. The last thing I am going to do is gamble away his college money regardless of who saved it.

  HeartofaFatty  |  2

96 - I'm in college with my own checking and savings account, but my mom has access to it so she can more easily get money to pay my bills (such as I'm on their cell phone plan but pay for texting), or if she wants to give me money she can just put it in herself. So if she wanted to, she could easily clean me out and go gamble it away. OP could be in somewhat the same situation, so don't be so quick to judge.

And yes, I have a job, I am not relying on my parents for my sole income.

  Fekenator  |  0

I'm guessing you're dumb. I also looked at your profile and saw that you were training to be an MP- a great career choice for you! We need stupid people such as yourself to fill the more mundane roles of society. I do hope you know that OP will likely achieve more than you will in life. Also, I'm sorry that your parents didn't care too much about you, but don't take it out on other people whose parents do actually care for them.